AAC #4

October 13, 2013 Characters:

Questions from Anon and Zsofia.

  • Interpolation

    Is the 3x, 4x how many times they’ve fucked? Like a tally?
    If he got Silvain’s number would he file it under Pompadour 1.5x Dude (Green Calvatioux)?
    I probably got the location name wrong. The second part is too small for me to read.


      I’m wondering the same thing too, lol. Unless he’s referring to his threesomes and foursomes. Dayum, Mace…

      • Interpolation

        Threesomes and foursomes was the first thing I thought of actually, but then since he classifies them by physical features, does that mean that they’d all be brunette, black, blond, etc. in that hook-up? It seems weird to only agree to a threesome if both of your partners are red-heads. Like he’d be against having a threesome with a blonde and a brunette? Maybe I’m over thinking?

        • Whoa you are way over thinking! You can only see a piece of his phone, it’s packed with everything. If he can’t remember their name or it doesn’t matter, this is what happens.

          • Interpolation

            I do that.

            I guess then that each number would just be one of the guys, from that threesome/foursome from that location?

    • Not a tally! ;)

  • Erinn

    I feel like Mace would be right at home visiting The Shortbus.