Appearances by Natalya

I should read this stuff. / I'm kind of still in Spain, though. / Keep writing haikus.

Day 2, Page 21

December 29, 2013 Characters: , , ,
i feel like maces character is under attack. you snort oxy off of ONE BONER and suddenly youre the boner oxy snorting guy

Day 2, Page 22

January 26, 2014 Characters: , , ,
LSD stands for liquid solution drops, perfect for dry eyes SO OF COURSE its in an eye dropper but she is very silly and she forgot the bottle so it all leaked out in her purse haha what a hijink

Day 2, Page 23

February 2, 2014 Characters: , , ,
pompadour JUST REMEMBERED he left the stove on. he also remembered that his stove is actually just a pile of tiny people who convince him to do things that he later regrets. (but thats probably just the acid and he should probably turn the stove off u_u )

Day 2, Page 24

February 9, 2014 Characters: , , ,
i hope you learned a valuable lesson about SHARING, mister canadian greedypants "wahhh i hate free drugs and FREEDOM" - actual canadian terrorist

Day 2, Page 25

February 16, 2014 Characters: , , ,
omg mace has amnesia and his real name is robert stroud this is a motherfuckin plot twist. alice fox more like m night shlaamamalyn u_u i just cant even keep up with this ROLLDERCOASTER

Day 2, Page 26

February 23, 2014 Characters: , , ,