Day 1, Page 5

December 12, 2012 Characters: ,
  • Matt Menke

    birds man, always becoming plot devices n shit.


      For real! I knew he was shady the second I saw him!

  • DarkOtter

    “Your ring? Uh, yeah, I lost it. I was walking down West 60th when a parakeet flew up and ripped it right out of my hands. No, that actually happened. No, I wasn’t on anything. Don’t get mad, bro.” (starts making phony static noises) “Sorry, you’re bre–ing up–call–ba–er–” (hangs up)


    Mace’s 1st expression: “Did a bird just snatch a ring out of my hand?”
    Mace’s 2nd expression: “Shit, did I even have a fucking ring in my hand? Whoa…”

  • CrumpledPaper2

    damn that bird knows whats up