Day 1, Page 6

December 16, 2012 Characters: ,
  • Matt Menke

    Also, Hello! I just caught the link off Ghostgreen on tumblr and being I enjoy her work and like mostly all of the other webcomics you link too, I’m excited for more updates.

  • ApocalypticRain

    >.< this is bad..i cant find the fave button!

    • Heheh, are you coming from Smackjeeves? The navigation will sneakily take you off the site.

    • There’s a ♥ button at the top of the comments…

  • Ry

    Love the art and the story thus far! You’ve already hooked me, damn ominous parakeet? I’ll be keeping an ear to the ground for updates. Thank you.

    • Thanks! Birds can be pretty charming. I hope you enjoy. :>


    Don’t sweat it Mace, chances are you didn’t screw the paakeet.


    • This isn’t that type of comic!!


        That was me kidding… LOL…

  • Fay

    Sooo…. Troublesome parakeet thief? Shapeshifting parakeet? Parakeet minion? …???

  • Mohrovia

    Latent ornithologist here. And crazy about the parrot family. Adore da boid!