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January 13, 2013 Characters:
  • alaid7

    Good art, you just don’t have much of a fan base yet. If I were you, I’d try setting up link shares with some of the webcomics you like. (I only wound up here by a freak accident, else I’d never have discovered your awesome comic.)

    • Thank you, glad you found it!


        And thank you too, Alice! Especially for using Disqus… now Boned is now on my reading list where others can see it and spread the word. I know most people don’t like the 2012 version of Disqus very much, but a large number of readers use it; so I’m very glad that I can comment my heart out on this wonderful webcomic! Any chance you will try it too on TR?

        • I preferred Livefyre but Disqus seems to be more widely used.

          I’m just sort of counting the days I can put 2R to bed, I’m afraid, so no. :(

          • ТЯЦТНΘЯḊΔЯЄ

            Oh, I see… well I guess that’s understandable. :)

  • Donna Hawk

    You’ve been holding out on us, yes you have! You just make sure you finish what you started…AND this. This is pretty awesome!

    • Haha!! Don’t worry, you! I will definitely finish it. ;)


    Damn! Horny date is horny! BJ didn’t even get to knock some wood… but I’m sure his date will make up for that in a sec…

  • V-bird

    Hmmm. Looks like the “Fuck me” Cologne works TOO well.

  • Dee Sama

    Im not sure how I ended up here but I’m enjoying this !