Day 1, Page 14

February 10, 2013 Characters: ,
  • HastyPudding

    Hehe…those after-sex cleanups are embarrassing.

    • Amanda Wolf

      Sex is all fun and games until someone has to sleep on the wet spot

  • Ry

    I’m actually enthralled by the fact that you even drew in a condom !!!! Awesome, glad to see even comic characters get to worry and be logical!

    • Baby when you’re with me you ain’t got nothin to worry bout.

  • Vince Harris

    Love your comic so far. Your anatomy is so good, and your alt texts crack me up. :P Also want to see what the go is with that darn jewellery stealing budgie.

  • I like your comic so far. I just found it a few minutes ago.

    But since I’m one for stating the obvious, I have to say that I think something may have happened to your web page code since the last time you saw it.

    But if this is how you want it, then forget I said anything.

    • No, thank you for bringing that to my attention! It was happening in every browser except, of course, the one I use. It should be fixed now.

      This also led me to find out that Disqus isn’t showing in IE at all. Still working that one out.

  • DarkOtter

    Malek aims to impress.


    Wow, this page… Malek and BJ are sexy together (though for some reason at first I didn’t imagine BJ as the ‘bottom’ of the pair; what a twist! well, for me anyways). Have they been dating long?
    I look forward to how this webcomic unfolds… thanks for sharing your work with us~

    • im in ur internets vanquishing ur tropes

      Thank you for reading!

  • wait i love this manga and i lost count how many time’s i have read it, but does BJ have three hands? or am i loosing my mind o.o

    • BJ is an alien but we have to keep this between us so I have covered up his secret HOLY SHIT THANKS.


  • HeadShot

    I laughed so hard, it reminded me of The Bucket List when Freeman gets excited and yells out “They got Jeopardy in the bathroom!”

  • Maria Knight

    omg! i love your comic!

  • V-bird

    I love how handsome and manly beejay is, he’s tall, bald and got that wonderful face structure. Yet, he looks so natural, bottoming out under Malek. His expressions, flushed and blushing face….they’re just exquisite!
    Wonderful Jog, now i’m in love with a fictional charcter :D ;p

  • LightHouse

    Wow. That was fast. I mean I don’t know how long it would take but it look like it went fast…
    I’m just gonna shut up now…

  • Charity Baker

    whats wrong with me
    whats wrong with me

  • Charity Baker