Day 1, Page 16

February 24, 2013 Characters:
  • Anonymous

    He must be ready to smush…


      Or maybe he’s concerned about the guy keeping them clean…

  • midnightsscream

    interesting comic so far though I have no idea where it’s going I’m enjoying it :D

  • gravemakerCYGNUS

    Dearest Alice (and also Nena I think? Right?),
    I am severely enjoying both this comic and also the hover-over text. I love you all so much.
    Much sincerement, Cygnus.

    • Hehe, yes, I am THE GENIUS behind the AMAZING, MIND-BLOWING alt-text.

      (Honestly, I can’t remember for the life of me why i came up with this alt-text. It’s funny, though, cause Alice is in Kentucky right now. hehehe, KY.)

      • Because he’s drinking a mint julep GOSH NENA.

  • Just stumbled upon this and I love it! Does this update once a week I’m assuming?

    • Thank you! Yes, updates are every Sunday at 12AM EST.

  • Chris Woodworth

    Haaaaahaha, the shirt. XD

  • miracle2415

    Oh my god! The bird, the art work, the sex! It’s just the beginning and it’s amazing! I love it!

  • Gaara

    so… when the next update?

    • On Sunday. :)

      • Gaara

        Good to know, thanks.

  • Gaara

    What is Sebastian Michaelis doing at a gay bar? XD

  • Bonny

    Hi, I’m 15/F/NY, someone stole my shirt–OH THERE IT IS. (God, this comic is amazing. Smart, sexy AND funny.)

  • m0th

    the asl t-shirt made lol.

  • Eli

    Just started reading, and there’s a guy with my haircut… Wow.

  • V-bird

    Wait…Villian from Double Dragon…GOT to look that up
    But he can’t be THAT bad, if this boy was willing to do him right there. XD

  • Aoi Hagane

    ok Im re-reading n I though I have commented on it b4 but Is this a Starfighter cameo? so awesome <3

    • No, it’s Vlad from Heard.

      • Aoi Hagane

        oh! my bad, dont know that one, should I read it?

        • It’s made by our very own alt txt writer Nena so yes I would highly recommend it!

          Even though she may never finish it at this rate NENA FINISH YOUR COMIC ALREADY.

          • Aoi Hagane

            I shall go looking for it right now! even if there is no hope, now I have to

  • Khaesel

    Okay, the emo guy he’s about to fuck reminds me of the youtuber Anthony from Smosh and that is two universes I never thought would cross one day XD

  • krissdevalnor

    bwahaha “the villain from double dragon” xD so geeky – I love it.

  • Phantom Cat


    • It’s a good thing that’s not an abuser from a rape fetish comic, then. It’s Vlad from Heard.

      • Phantom Cat

        I’ll read Heard next, then, after I finish yours :)

  • CrumpledPaper2

    that man with the sasuke hair looks like if hetalia greece and japan had a child. Any hetalia fans?

  • Nightcore Gravity

    yes..yes i do know the sky is blue XD