Day 1, Page 17

March 3, 2013 Characters: ,
  • Dinosaur Raur

    That last page were those two keys characters? Love your art btw even if I have no idea what’s going on,

  • Hrhr sexy guy interrupts the fun XD
    I love the page and I cant wait to see whats going on next XD
    Im sure this is the guy from last night and I am so curious about what he wants now ¦DDD

  • miracle2415

    Wow, awkward moment. Hope it turns into a threesome. ;)

  • Matt Menke

    looks like an evil ex


    And what’s this? Who’s this mysterious guy… and how he could not know the rules of the bathroom? Hopefully this could give him an idea:

    • Mohrovia

      Centuries ago when I was young & brash & had to pee, & if people were shtupping in the loo, I’d beat on the door and yell, “THIS IS A PISS ROOM, NOT A FK ROOM!!!” I suppose I should say that I drank alcohol at the time…& that I may have been a wee bit envious…

      • LOL! Hopefully you’ve come to see the multipurpose use of such a facility XD

        • Mohrovia

          The point has become mute. I rarely go anywhere, least of all to a place with sexually active water closets. And I don’t drink. I read and listen to the radio. And read awesome comics.

          • Well, I guess living vicariously does make a close enough experience

          • Mohrovia

            It’s become my preferred method. *_^

  • Fazzey

    Hhhhmmmmm….Pompadour & goatee…..I think his last night just found him! ^_^

  • Jillthefish

    I just found this comic! We were made for each other!

  • Nuuuuu! ;_;
    I just found this comic. Love the art, love the hover text, super interesting story.
    Now we play the waiting game. O_O *stares at RSS feeds*

  • Bonny

    (squints at scribbles) No BJ for Mike. Better luck next time. Heyyyy someone else who’s not a pirate. Welcome back goatee & pompadour.

  • Amanda Wolf

    Really? You’re just gonna make out with this random gu-okay. I’m cool with that.
    And srsly? You guys didn’t lock the stall?

  • skunkymonk

    I love how Mace hangs up his jacket!

  • “Homophobia is GAY”

  • tokiohcom

    Hawt Dayumm, that man is good lookin’. :P