Day 1, Page 19

March 17, 2013 Characters: ,
  • HastyPudding

    Hahaha, the sissy bitch slap. I love it. XD

  • DarkOtter

    “How high ARE you?”
    “Enough that you’re ruining it.”


    Omg, “stranger danger” + panel 2 = hilarious!
    I think this one and “…its the homo police” are now officially my favorites…

    And come on Silvain. A parrot stole your ring! What’s so hard to believe about that?

  • Donatien

    Panel 2: I just think of the movie Buffy The Vampire Slayer from the 90s… (Awesome film btw.) When the vamp goes, “Come on, come on, fight like a man! -hiss- “

  • I like the ambiance of the place, the funny grafitti n the details make it better

  • V-bird

    Oh god, a nark. He slep with a nark. ;p But, that’s the hazards of getting drunk off your ass. *shrugs*

  • Amanda Wolf

    That arm flail tho

  • Unartistic

    Pffst. Dick in The Second Stall.

  • “Homophobia is gay” so true amen

  • CrumpledPaper2

    I’d love to walk into a stall and see a dick with a smiley face XD