Day 1, Page 21

March 31, 2013 Characters: , ,
  • Jillthefish

    I support the poop limit. Also, Mace is vindicated!


    Well, Silvain.. you wanted confirmation. Now you got it. All over your jacket.


  • DarkOtter

    Aaaaaand everyone is so distracted by the bird-poo to notice that the bird in question CAN TALK.


      I noticed. However talking birds are not really a phenomenon… I have Myna, who also sings.

  • Tom Suke

    Lolol, he’s like oh what now? XD

  • Colorblind… Wow

  • V-bird

    Really, so how do you explain the clothes? Then again, it would be HILARIOUS if he didn’t realizes Bejaay was Black.
    “I’m colorblind.”
    Bejaay: That’s nice and open minded of you to say, but..
    “SERIOUSLY!! i don’t know the color of your shirt!”
    The Pomp called bullshit, and got Birdshit. XP

  • Katherine Sheafe

    Mace was probably thinking in the last panel : ” I told ya a bird stole it. Haha idiot.”

  • BabyBea42

    New guy’s face *well that happened…*