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April 28, 2013 Characters: ,
  • Anonymous

    Here we go again :D luvin’ dis <3

  • This site is awesome! Aaaaaand I want this room! Bike in tha house ftw! XDD

    They look great together, so cute! Damn, im so emotional today! Totally overreacting y-y

  • HastyPudding

    >Insert obligatory “that escalated quickly” pic<

    You draw the sexiest faces!

  • Sam

    that alt text hOLY SHIT

  • Cman65

    I really need to train my bird to steal things so hot guys take me home and fuck, but no mine just bites me and asks for sunflower seeds


    LMAO love the alt, Nena XD
    Clearly Silvain’s parents never taught him not to take candy from strangers…

  • Mace’s curtain matches his drapes, and that’s AWESOME.

  • Mace’s curtain matches his drapes, and that’s AWESOME.


    Wow. So that line actually worked? I am going to have to try that sometime…

  • Well, I am not surprised at all. Think, how did Mace get the ring in the first place? He clearly got sneaky fidgety fingers about him.

  • DarkOtter

    Well, THIS is sudden. Even by gay standards.

    Either Silvain like’s Mace’s moxie, or he’s planning to ransack the apartment after screwing him unconscious.

    Oh, and Mace? Take the damn trash out, already.

  • Vince Harris

    Rofl at the Alt-Text. …Also finding out a guy’s name by pulling his wallet out, during foreplay. Keeping it classy, Mace. :P

  • PomixWing

    Can’t look away…….. * o *

  • Su

    Oh wow. Never expected to see a Quebec driver’s license so lovingly and realistically rendered.

  • vampire panda

    Wow. Did not expect to see a Quebec driver’s license so lovingly and realistically rendered.

    Also, as person who grew up in Montreal, I can say that that is a real address. It’s not the kind of place I would have expected Sylvain to live, though. I didn’t think anyone other than wealthy retired anglophone ladies lived there.

    (I went to college for 2 years and I was worked as a shopgirl in that area.)

    • Hahaha nailed it. He takes care of his elderly mom. This has no bearing on the story at all, it’s cool that you caught that.

      • vampire panda

        Haha, sorry! Didn’t mean to be so nitpicky!

        • No it’s awesome. All the locations I use are real places (or a mishmash of them).

  • V-bird

    Wow! The fact he can concertrate enough to swipe his wallet XD

  • Shayana

    aww yiss

  • Katherine Sheafe

    Such class and sexiness. Nice addition to the bike. I can see who is getting their candy today! :D

  • Lex

    Lip biting *u*

  • Amanda Wolf

    That worked? …alright then

  • Phantom Cat

    That insert comment…

    When you know what the author/illustrator is truly thinking….

    Top notch XD

  • aliana playz anaili sandoval

    WELP.. here we go XD again…