Day 1, Page 26

May 5, 2013 Characters: ,
  • HastyPudding

    Mace is pierced? He just got 10x hotter.

    • He has an apadravya.

      • fujoshifanatic

        Okay, so I just Googled that and now I know a couple more things about Mace:
        a) he has a high threshold for pain to get that thing in the first place, and

        b) He likes to top and keep his tricks happy that he’s on top with that thing.

        And they say you can’t learn anything from reading comics. :-P

        • In all fairness to a) he was probably high as shit.

      • Vince Harris

        Aaaaaannnd reading that Wikipedia article just made me cringe in so many places. o__<

      • HastyPudding

        That’s awesome. I don’t have the balls for that, I stopped at having a PA done a few years ago. That was more than enough pain, for me.

      • Amanda Wolf

        I figured I’d regret looking that up…and I was right

  • They are so cute together in the last panel *inlove* <3

  • Surly Shirley

    I’m told that make outs can improve memory. That’s a scientific fact.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Man, Mace’s albinism really comes out in the dark! In the daylight he looks like a pale white-haired pretty boy. On these pages he’s looking very ghostly. Must be a cool effect doing it with him with the lights out by moonlight. :-P

  • Loving this comic! Absolutely gorgeous art, well done!

  • Lacrosio122

    The cur tines match the drapes!!!!

    • HastyPudding

      It’s ‘the rug matches the drapes’. XD

  • Torse

    for some reason I am in love with the little gap in Mace’s teeth

    I think I just developed a fetish

  • Katherine Sheafe

    Mace’s personality and piercings creep me out at times, but you got to admit! His face! Look at dat face! It is pure sexiness! Can’t….stop…blargh! It’s time to fangirl. Let’s begin. :3

  • Amanda Wolf

    Is that a dick-piercing I spy?