Day 1, Page 27

May 12, 2013 Characters: ,
  • Brittany Smelcer

    Love your sense of humor. I died laughing when I read the rollover text.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Haha, no wonder he jumped at Mace’s oh-so-smooth come-on line! Awesome alt text. :-)

  • gravemakerCYGNUS

    NEXT PAGE: Mace wakes up and doesn’t remember anything.


    Looks like Mace is gonna make a real effort to ‘remember’ it… no technical difficulties this time.

  • Phoenix

    Mmmmmm <3

  • no Mace, don´t ripe out his Hair! It´s so full and stylish…and did i mention full?

    Great Comic and i want a stuffed Pariot!

  • Snoring it is intresting… hmmm wonder why.. I love Mace.

  • V-bird

    *After wild sex with Mace*
    Sylvian: And…THE POMPADOUR IS STILL INTACT!! (bows) Thank you!

  • Katherine Sheafe

    If he snores cute, I would see why he wouldn’t wake him up, but if not….awww hell nah! He’s waking up!…..without remembering anything that is. :3