Day 1, Page 29

May 26, 2013 Characters: ,
  • Jillthefish

    Fluffy animal lovers! Their love was fated!

  • The face that Malek puts when BJ says When does he meets hes family… I love it!!!

  • miracle2415

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! ahkjdshfkjhsk

  • Perverzak

    htc forever! xD
    this is so cute!!

  • omg the rollover text LOLOL

  • fujoshifanatic

    Ha! This is the best! Cute, witty dudes who can banter and like fluffy critters. Can we see them boning now please?

  • I just reread through the whole comic and I just, I love this. Also, is it the lighting or did Malek’s hair color change from when we see him in the hotel?

  • anonymous

    You hate Egyptians? No need to call them names though I was offended :(

    • Malek is Egyptian and speaking from his own personal life experiences. The opinions of my characters do not necessarily align with mine. In 2011 I was on 5th Av celebrating alongside the Islamic Society of Bay Ridge on February 11th. There is no hate here.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, ok :) glad to hear that…

  • CS

    A play on Humans of New York?

  • Kibichi

    OMG the alt text I’m dying

  • Viridian

    I’m not sure which one of them is cuter, but I’m leaning toward BJ. My heart’s all a-flutter!
    I read this comic for a while before I lost the bookmark and forgot about it for a couple months. I remembered BJ and Malek, though, and that’s what made me look it up again.

  • Katherine Sheafe

    So far the cutest thing I ever seen! Especially that bunny! Awww my gawwwwddddd! XD :3

  • Mios


  • meh

    racist homophobic egyptians? i feel you man, my family is exactly the same


    yoo Egyptians waddup

  • Pilar

    Aww so cute! Brent just might have a keeper :)

  • Nour Khaled

    Totally related when he said ” racist homophobic egyptians ” like we have the same parents or what Malek