Day 1, Page 32

June 16, 2013 Characters: ,
  • Bruce Wayne

    Mace doesn’t want Silvain to leave <3

    • Malik Giacosa

      I wouldn’t want him to leave either. That hair… Even when it’s not up it makes me all hot and bothered.

      • Franklin

        I think it looks better down, personally

      • LightHouse

        Thank you so much for this comment. I fell out of my chair laughing. Literally.

  • fujoshifanatic

    He does this all the time? Mace sounds like he has, er, interesting hobbies. Hope Silvain stays; maybe we see some morning sex?

  • Gadonbin

    Voir qu’ils vont aller chercher la bague de même…

    Oh well, maybe Mace will visit La Belle Province.

  • Alex Sánchez

    Panel 5, OMG, panel 5!
    Panels 4 & 5 make me….

    • Anonymous

      Same here! I thought Mace will get horny & start fucking again xD hahaha
      Can’t wait to see how this Story will unfold!

  • tom_suke

    D’aww, he doesn’t want to sleep alone >w<

  • StarrySkyDancer

    Mace pretends to know a lot about birds for soemone who likes guys :P

  • Samantha Leigh Tavener

    Loving the comic. The comments are hilarious!

  • I think Mace likes him. :) … I’m sure I’m the 30th post to say that by now. :D

    My real question is. When did he pass out this time? The sex had started the last time we saw them. :)

  • Katherine Sheafe

    Mace in panel 5: Hmmm dat ass. :)
    Me in last panel: Awwww my gawwwwddd! That hair! *breaths heavily in* So hot….. *fangirls*