Day 1, Page 33

June 23, 2013 Characters: ,
  • Surly Shirley

    Oh Silvain just take ya damn clothes off and spoon that naked boy. ALSO… DAT ASS.

  • fujoshifanatic

    And the ass returns! Now why isn’t Silain spooning up against that rounded gloriousness? Dude, you’re missing out!

    • Pilar

      Lol exactly! He’s so troubled over that ring smh well family heirlooms are important & can ruin the mood sometimes

  • Ramsey

    are we sure that’s his lip? can we just say they’re his vampire teeth and call it a day?

  • Dude, that ring better be real important to keep you from focusing on that (( |

    Two week hiatus? Oh no! But really, it’s cool – you gotta do what you gotta do :) Looking forward to Day 2~

  • Kazu

    OMG, first chapter finished! See you on July 7… Cute ass! ;)

  • DarkOtter

    I enjoy a good slow burn as much as the next person… but seriously. Hot. Albino. Boy. Ass. Right next to you. Misplaced priorities, much?

  • Silvain looks like if he can not believe what just happen. “Is he really gonna help me find the parrot?”

  • He stayed dress? O.o

  • Katherine Sheafe

    Mace put some clothes on! You getting a drift! Or better yet Silvain take your off. :3 Be the tiger! Rawr!