Day 2, Page 2

August 4, 2013 Characters: ,
  • Love it – nice comeback, Mace! I also love the out-of-focus Silvain panel – boy, is he hot! How does his hair manage to stay so perfectly coiffed when he’s rubbing a towel over it?

    • It’s plastic.

      • V-bird

        *Giga-Gasp* IT’S NOT REAL HAIR!?

  • Kay

    Good to have you back! Love this page!

  • Anonymous

    So the parrot must be someone trapped in the body of a bird… This is becoming more & more interesting :D lol.

  • Cameron Adams

    Yay it’s back! I love the art and the characters! Can’t wait for the next page! Also…seriously….Sylvain might just be the hottest comic character ever.

  • Mace, the parakeet whisperer? And what a dream he’s having: upside-down chickens, levitating colored eggs, being seated on a horse and the ring stealing parakeet… and then there’s Nena comment XD
    Btw, does this mean that Mace dreams in color, even though he’s colorblind? His eyes without the contacts are still beautiful, but better off for him to wear them…

    • Dreaming in full color is a really good point! He’s always been colorblind so I goofed. It would look more like the attached image. I might go back and edit the scene. Of course, he’s also tripped so hard that he’s seen colors that don’t exist…

      (Eye coloring here is just the lighting; they’re still naturally blue!)

      • Colors that don’t exist…haha! Thanks for illustrating what his vision is like (…is that deuteranopia?). Also, as you mention the lighting, I now see the hue against his hair as well… I totally missed that before, oops! I guess I was thinking that it was the effect of his retinas :P

        • Tritanopia, the cotton candy of colorblindness.

  • Lol

  • Claire Bo Baggins


  • V-bird

    HA! Wow, just go out and say “your mom is Filthy.”

  • Katherine Sheafe

    Mace’s comeback is just perfection! XD :3

  • BabyBea42

    -.- Easter…lol

  • Kalliopeia

    Those pillows look pointless, like they’re placemats for people’s heads. Also, if the shading in Mace’s armpit is hair, shouldn’t it be white (or white-blond)?

  • Amanda Wolf

    That dream…I don’t even…

  • Tarah Stylinson

    I hope to never have a dream of horses, eggs, chickens, and parakeets like this please and thanks. Kinda creepy…

  • Then the gansta life choose him!

  • Mariana Hayden

    hes either dreaming or high asf