Day 2, Page 3

August 11, 2013 Characters: ,
  • HastyPudding

    Hehe, the mouseover caption is funny, not because of what it says but because it also explains it. XD

    • Amanda Wolf

      Ugh, I can’t read those because I’m on my iPad. And everyone’s talking about them so it kinda pisses me off

  • DeadNotSleeping

    the mouse over caption made my day
    the page update made my night

  • fujoshifanatic

    Hee. You know, what Mace is offering could be considered a pick-me-up, Silvain (it would certainly be one for me!). You should consider it–it may even alleviate your parrot homicidal tendencies.

  • Sabrina Vögeli

    Dawww im sooo hard in Love with these two. Mace looks mature with the glasses. Looks good on him <3


      Mature… and sexy, if I might add.

  • Cameron Adams

    HA! I love this page.

  • Alex B.

    God you do such an amazing job on their hair. o_o

  • AC♥Bear



      Congrats! And welcome, fellow ARHer :)

    • Hekkio

      I KNOW! I kept clicking next and the same page kept showing up! I thought my mouse was broken. >.>

  • Cute

  • so cute

  • wow…. not a morning sex type person are you Silvain? Shame. At least now we know why Mace went to his friends for the hang over drink. No coffee for miles.

  • V-bird

    Getting blown while wearing glasses? CAN IT BE DONE!? XX

  • Viridian

    Those hipster glasses <3 <3 <3
    I've read so much m/m that I'm pretty much immune to sexiness, but that fifth panel is just… wow.

  • Diamond

    Ahhh I love this comic so much, Mace just has this charm I can’t resist! The art is hella rad and the coloring is superb! Also I can’t read the hover text because I’m on my phone but I bet it’s hilarious!

  • Katherine Sheafe

    Mace with glasses is just awww my gawwwd…. too sexy and cute! XD :3
    Also Silvain looks like he’s ready to kill someone someone already. Hahah that comment was so needed! XD “3

  • Pilar

    “I need coffee or I’m going to kill every parrot colony in this city.” Haha! Silvain is a cute grump! Mace looks nice in his glasses in that last panel scene… I’m a glasses chick ;)