Day 2, Page 4

August 18, 2013 Characters: ,
  • HastyPudding

    Haha on the gay reference. XD

  • Dren

    I love the talking to birds. ;3

  • Dark_Otter

    Well… if any birds would know the word on the street, it would be the pigeons. They’re essentially rats with wings. That’s assuming you can’t find a crow. Those critters see and remember everything.

  • miracle2415

    Is a bird whisperer?


    I love how Silvain doesn’t even spare Mace a glance and is completely focused on getting his coffee. Or maybe he’s just convinced himself that Mace must’ve secretly smoked something while he was asleep. Of course, if the pigeon does actually answer and Mace runs away screaming I’d die laughing…

  • RBK

    I . . . don’t know what it says about me that I did not actually ship these two until this page.

    • I think they’re an acquired taste so you’re pretty normal! But if I were to make this the BJ and Malek show it would be the most anti-climatic comic ever. “So we took a walk and saw some pigeons and had a very nice lunch and then we kissed each other goodbye and when I got home he had sent me a text with a pigeon photo and it was all very nice.” The biggest conflict of the entire story would be arguing over what color the curtains should be.

      • RBK

        I just didn’t see the chemistry before. I mean, I saw the sexual chemistry (two hot guys–everything in me screamed YES very loud, because I am a shallow, shallow person), and here is the . . . emotional-maturity chemistry, I guess–now they’re one of my OTPs. (Yeah, one of–I can never have ~just~ one, even though OTP has “one” in the name.)

  • V-bird

    Yeah he’s crazy, everyone knows that pigeons are the ghetto trash of the Bird world. A Sparrow wouldn’t be caught DEAD near one of them.

  • Katherine Sheafe

    “A Shitty Ring….” I couldn’t stop laughing after that! Instant laughter! XD :3

  • Amanda Wolf

    “Mace. Wat r u doin? Mace. Stahp!”

  • Anilni

    “Mace, you’re a crazy person, stop it.” I don’t know why, but I died laughing!! OMFG