Day 2, Page 5

August 25, 2013 Characters: ,
  • Kazu

    Hahaha, Mace <3

  • fujoshifanatic

    The alt text…I die! :-D

  • Tess~0

    “Oh no she didn’t!”
    nearly died. (^_^)

  • ger

    mace looks so happy! :)

  • Amanda Victoria Williams

    This page cracked me up! Just found this comic and I have to say I love it!!! Beautiful art and I <3 Mace!

  • CatchingFear

    I looove this! I love this soo much! Ahhhh :’D

  • Interpolation

    Panel 3: Did I actually fuck a legitimately crazy person?
    Panel 4: He’s probably legitimately crazy and I’m still following him?

  • Yukiness

    HOLY SHIT! It’s chinatown fair! I practically live there. This comic is awesome

  • halfbreedfox

    I thought that Mace was joking; just pulling at Silvan’s leg and what not.

    Now I worry about his sanity. Or where the other supernatural elements of this comic are. ONE OF THE TWO.

  • Jo

    gdi alice i used to drink those (though with less than normal sugar, not more) and now i want one. why???

    • This page brought to you by Starbucks.*

      *Please don’t sue me, Starbucks.

  • V-bird

    Third panel expression XD

  • Andy Chakraborty

    Did Mace just pull a Phoebe? *Impressed*

  • Katherine Sheafe

    Mace is just….. ah. “Oh no she didn’t!” made me crack up so much. He better find that bird! Not Stealy..the other one! And I love that rollover text even though I was going “wat?” at the end.

  • LelaIsEpic .


  • Amanda Wolf

    You are crazy, Mace

  • Tarah Stylinson

    Wait. Is Mace seriously a bird whisperer? WTF? lmao

  • I don’t even

  • Pilar

    LOL I like Mace, he don’t about what people may say to about him being a bird whisperer ^__^