Day 2, Page 6

September 1, 2013 Characters: , ,
  • JayteeStarr

    They have the only Pump It Up machines in NYC though…


    Ok, now I’m officially intrigued with Mace’s skills here! I’m guessing his trippy dream about the chickens was somehow linked to this former arcade… but what is his secret though? Apart from his sharp tongue, I realize he’s also quite smart (well, he knows big words anyways). But how the heck is he figuring this out? He going all Patrick Jane on us here… a Birdalist? Cockalist?, I dunno…

    • Tom_Suke

      Maybe he’s a bird whisperer >w<;


        I’m starting to believe this too… hmmm…

    • fujoshifanatic

      Love that show! It would be even more perfect if the actor who plays Jane used his real accent! *swoon* I’m a sucker for British/Australian accents.


        Ain’t that the truth! Me too :)

  • baldr

    Melty Blood! I miss that game. … Not so much the painful thumb skin it created, though.

  • Lleyn

    “How did it get in here…” – “The door.” Well, really now, Silvain, how did you imagine it got in there?

  • fujoshifanatic

    And here I thought Mace was just a hot, pale, drunk/druggie/slut! Boy’s got some skills outside of the bedroom too!

    • CatchingFear

      It’s always the hot, pale, drunk/druggie/sluts! :’D

  • KBatty

    Stumbled across this by accident this evening. Clickthrough on another comic site, I think (Starfighter, maybe)? Anyway, the art is fantastic and I can’t bring myself to complain about gratuitous amounts of sex. Let’s see where the actual story itself goes, shall we?

    • KruegerKiss

      Me too! One of the few times I was glad to have my ad blocker off.

    • Hannah Hofer

      me toooo :D

    • Mandy Marie Roswell

      I think I’ve found every other webcomic I read on Starfighter, including this one~ XDDD

  • Katherine Sheafe

    Listen to Silvain’s poetry. it hurts the soul. But one thing it didn’t hurt was Mace’s bird whisperer skills! Now he found a bird in trouble! Though…it kinda looked like the bird was comfortable with that cookie already. O.O

  • Pilar

    Mace is indeed a bird whisperer!