Day 2, Page 8

September 15, 2013 Characters: , , , ,

    What’s the matter with you Malek, turning down a cookie half eaten by a wild bird being offered by a man you first met naked and face down in a toilet? How rude…

    • Amanda Wolf

      Ikr? What’s wrong with people

  • April :3

    Mace is perf. And the bird, too.

  • palii26

    lol i love the look on the birds face when he offers the cookie to malek, its like, ‘WTF thats mine’

    • RustyBurrell

      Bird: “Exsqueeze me?!”

  • Interpolation

    Damn BJ is tall. I only just noticed this.

    • I have trouble fitting him into panels.

  • Samantha Leigh Tavener

    Can’t wait for more!
    Birds gonna peck his eye out for dat cookie…

  • Dark_Otter

    Hail, hail, the gang’s all here. Although I have a feeling it’s gonna be “hell, hell” more than “hail, hail” after a minute.

  • Kay1993

    Such a cute fat birdy!

    Bird-“Mace that’s my cookie!”

  • Oh, I’ve caught up. :)

    So, Mace can talk to, and understand birds, and he’s a drunk whore? Did one produce the other?

    Oh, for some reason, I didn’t realize that was here (nyc) until I saw the N train. :D

  • Besinfection

    That bird is freaking adorable. And I’m loving the interaction between Mace and Malek.

  • Dandy

    This is amazing! You have a new reader :)

  • december

    Met. Right.

  • Aoi Hagane

    omg nooo How did I reach the end son fast?

  • Carrier_Violet

    So totally didn’t notice that it was Malek from the hotel but definitely the same jacket!!

  • MaddieHatter

    Had to reread it 3 times before I realized Malek worked at the hotel from the beginning. and why is Mace trying to give away Fatty’s cookie, Fatty’s like “Hey, that’s mine.” lol

  • V-bird

    Oooh! Not in THAT Way, BJ. He just dragged Mace’s naked as out of the Hotel…Yeah. Now I remember!1
    I didn’t recognize him at first, cause he was..Naked. XP

  • Viridian

    Bird’s like “dude wtf i was eating that”.

  • Katherine Sheafe

    The bird’s expression was priceless! He’s like, “Ummm no. Like hell you are taking MY cookie. Give it back. GIV IT BAK! GIVE MY FLIPPING COOKIE!!!” And a fight shall commence to see who has a cookie. :3