Day 2, Page 9

September 22, 2013 Characters: , , , ,

Nena has graced us with a masterpiece: cPjKHdf

  • Emerald Heracles Karpusi Hende

    lol. this page rules.

  • tom_suke

    Omfg I love how casual they seem about the convo XD S’lik BJ is like this is not normal why is this-oh fuck it I’m not normal alright, and lol Malek’s just so calm and suave xD;

    I wonder what’s on that fortune cookie paper xD;

    • Malek has his points maxed in charisma.

  • Lindsey Amethyst Hampton

    Wait. That’s all there is?! Fuck my LIFE! *adds to rss*

  • Kay

    The Last panel of Mace makes me Smile.

  • samichuu

    Stached BJ looks like Rude… just put him in a suit and give him a bomb.

    • Dawn

      …..there can never be enough tall dark and sexy now we just need a cocky redhead!

      • samichuu

        Everything needs Reno.

  • fujoshifanatic

    I love these dudes so much! This is the weirdest BL comic I read, and one of my favorite mainly because of that.


    Haha, so Silvain was the reason he got thrown out first thing in the morning? No nookie, no freebie. Gotta have value for money, amirite?

    And OMG, you crack me up Nena! BJ with a George Michael = +1000000!
    Mace would have done well with a Dali too, which he could appropriately twirl between his fingers as he goes about the city analyzing cryptic messages from the birds. That would be epic.

  • Livia

    OMG! I love the edited version. Hilarious

  • artfulGruesome

    “I don’t trust goatees”! Brilliant!

  • Cookie

    Unf, that parakeet. Such glorious facial hair.

  • Besinfection

    That last face Mace makes makes me giggle. <3

  • I really Love how Mace looks with glasses, kinda stylish.

  • Alex Sánchez

    What does the fortune say?

  • satterb

    The first version was funny. Nice touch on the mundane conversation regarding nothing mundane, but the second version was pure gold!!! I love slutty Mace by the way. Thanks for all your hard work.

  • sunny

    so… there’s no continuation for this?

  • Kuraen

    When you just start reading a comic, read for several awesome pages, and have to wait for an update. ;_;

    I’ve fallen in love with this comic. Great story and great art. Can’t wait for more. :)

  • ChupaChups

    Waiting for the new page ^_^

  • V-bird

    He says it with such a straight forward expression, “yes, I’ll get hookers and coke for them.”

  • Katherine Sheafe

    That stached page was too much. “I only they have goatees..”-Makel
    *kiss* “Good girl.” – Mace
    Mace’s face with the fortune cookie was priceless. He found something goood! XD :3