Day 2, Page 11

October 6, 2013 Characters: , , , ,

    Nena, your altext is gonna kill me one of these days, I swear!! Can’t stop seeing it as a thought bubble from Fatty now XD

  • Tragically_Unhip

    I enjoy this comic so much.

  • ChupaChups

    This little bird is juste so cute sitting on Mace’s head :3 We can see a little improvement on Sylvain’s side huh :p He’s already talking about anniversary ;) And Mace is so sweet and his eeeyessss! I’m just dying!

  • artfulGruesome

    I feel so bad for BJ…Mace keeps ruing his relationships…Oh, well!

    • Mace may have sped up the inevitable at times but he’s never actually sabotaged any of BJ’s relationships. He would be a pretty shitty friend if that were the case!

  • Interpolation

    Parrots are such fashionable accessories. Mace looks so cool and cute with his. I want a parrot.

  • samichuu

    I love Mace in the second panel… god, BJ, how can you argue with that face?

  • Jessbethda

    I love how Mace literally has no clue that he’s doing something. And I also love in the fifth panel where both of their faces just freeze like, “Let’s just pretend we didn’t hear anything and be non-confrontational about it.”

    I really hope that Malek tells something to BJ about being rude to Mace. I don’t really think Mace deserves what he’s getting here. It feels kinda wrong that BJ should try to push his own best friend aside just to keep Malek’s sensibilities intact, which Malek doesn’t even seem to give two shits about.

  • Lazy

    My roomate and I read this and she swears up and down I’m mace over the fact that she’s terrified to let me meet her boyfriends.
    I made a twenty two year old man blubber cry and beg for forgiveness once and I’m not ashamed in the least XD
    I’ve basically told her that if they can’t handle me to be with her they aren’t worth it. So far? Good game plan.

  • MaddieHatter

    Wait set who on fire accidentally hehehe this sounds like an interesting story and Fatty is now sitting on Mace’s head like it is a white nest lol :D

  • Amanda

    I love Fatty! He needs to be a permanent part of the comic.

  • New plan: Malek and Silvaine pair off as a couple and make droll faces at one another forever and ever.

  • SomeDude

    please please allow Fatty to continue roosting on Mace’s head for many pages to come. that would make a beautiful wallpaper, btw.

  • Viridian

    It’s adorable how Mace is doing it by accident. He doesn’t even know. Look at that face.

  • Katherine Sheafe

    The bird must be thinking, “Can you stop now? We are at a stop and I am H.U.N.G.R.E.Y! Feed me now!”
    Also such commitment with their 48 hr anniversary coming up. Congrats guys! XD :3

  • XD This comic is hilarious. Absolutely love it! I mean, the bird is just sitting on his head and no one cares!

  • ‘you’re the one who set him on fire’ ‘I told you it was an accident!’ HA! I love this so very much XD

  • Amanda Wolf

    I need to know the story about who they accidentally set on fire

  • Phantom Cat

    I love these altexts XD They are the best part of this, keeping the tone XD

  • Pilar

    …48 hr anniversary LOL I like Sil ^__^