Day 2, Page 14

November 3, 2013 Characters: , ,
  • Liz

    I seriously cannot deal with how perfect Mace is.

    Everything he says is just so goddamn quotable.

  • eleutherios


  • Besinfection

    Every time I glance at that last panel I imagine Mace just slumping to the side to rest his head on Silvain’s shoulder. It makes sense, but it doesn’t, and my brain is kind of supplying the image without asking me.

    And it’s a pretty cute image.

  • ZHODY the definator

    *flips all the shit* I expected more than 2 chapters to catch up on! Y-GALLERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • hirrient

    loving this comic so much ahh <3

  • SixJaybirds

    Just re-read it all and oh my I love this comic! It’s so charming <3

  • Livia

    i freaking love mace… ALOT !! especially his personality. way awesome.

  • Amanda

    Alt text need the addition of “So long Bitches!”

  • Lazy

    “I hate you so much”
    Love it.

  • Saix

    NIOOOO this is the end ughh
    anyway you guys have another fan! :D

  • Nina

    I need this to be voice acted so bad.

  • Tom_Suke

    Mace you be trollin, ily.

  • Donald Burch

    Can someone help me with something Mace says on this page? I don’t understand the context of his saying “You can pour sugar over the sugar.” I haven’t heard that before.

    • Liz

      He’s just teasing Silvain about his sweet tooth.

      • Donald Burch

        Thank you, Liz! I didn’t know Silvain had a sweet tooth. Where is it mentioned?

        • Torse

          a few pages back he was putting more sugar in his (probably) already sweet starbucks coffee

  • faydescape

    I just had a thought. about someone drawing Silvain as a sylveon…lol

  • Viridian

    Mace, you fucker.
    (I love the parrot’s fat little legs in the second panel. Adorable.)

  • Viridian

    Last page for right now. God damn it.

  • Jessbethda

    I’m tempted to camp but I never actually know when you upload. Also, Alice, I love the texturing you made in Mace’s hair with shading alone. I never really noticed how awesome it looks, but amazing work.

    • It’s always queued for 12AM EST unless I’m running late. I dare say there are better things to do with your time, though. Thank you, dear!

  • Andy Chakraborty

    this comic. it is good! ANOTHER!!!1!

  • Katherine Sheafe

    Hahaha that bird sure is bitchy. PEASANT. MY PEOPLE NEED ME. Psh I think your people don’t want to be eaten by you, but that seems unlikely!
    Mace is just the cutest. Sugar baby! XD :3

  • Amanda Wolf

    I would pour sugar over candy

  • Anilni

    That sixth panel tho XD Fucking killed me lol

  • Tarah Stylinson

    Panel 5 and 6 win all the awards lol Silvain is me in most situations