Day 2, Page 15

November 10, 2013 Characters: ,

;_; lol yes nena this is definitely the slowest page in the entire comic. how do pace??

  • Liz

    Panel eight. My heart. EXCOO ME. BUT DID YOU JUST. H-H-HUMANIZE. MACE?

  • Aninoa

    Silvain is 28 and his birth year is 1982 according to his license, which means this comic is set in 2010, so Mace was 13 when the tourist thing happened. That’s messed up.

    • Radda


      • Aninoa

        That’s Silvain’s age at the time, not Mace’s. Silvain was born in 1982, not Mace. 1982+28(Silvain time)=2010, so the comic is set in 2010. 2010-1997(time of incident)=13, which is Mace’s age at the time. Mace is 26 and Silvain is 28. 2010-26(Mace’s age)=1984, which is Mace’s birth year. The two year difference makes sense. Hope that clears things up.

        • Aside that if you want to find Mace’s age at in 1997, the operation “2010-1997” won’t be enought and only will help you to find how many years ago the incident occured. It’s either the operation “26 (Mace’s actual age) -13 (amount of years ago)” or “1997 (incident) – 1984 (Mace’s birthday)” that are correct.

          Lucky you, your results still works because 13 is the half of 26. But if Mace was born another year the result would have been wrong.

          So in order to finish this topic, here are the good operations to find Mace’s age in 1997:

          26 – (2010 – 1997) = 26 – 13 = 13
          1997 – (2010 – 26) = 1997 – 1984 = 13

          • Dee Sama

            MATH BaBy

  • Lazy

    poor kiddo ;A;

  • hirrient

    i think the pacing works really well! ~poignant~ √

  • There might not be a lot of action on page, but it sure tells a lot anyway. Pace is just fine ;)

    • aesir

      Uh oh, Danish found this comic, too?
      Prepare for a popularity boost, Alice.

      • *LOL*.. Really? You use me to predict this? I should have commented sooner then, because I’ve read the comic for about.. 4 months now.

        I never/rarely comment on more than half the comics I read, especially if they don’t have disqus, so I’m more around that you’d think ;)

  • Torse

    he’s so.. abrupt.

    I love it. c:

  • Tazuki

    Poor little Jew boy… :(

  • Donald Burch

    “Silence speaks loudly to those who listen.” I might be drawing a lot on assumptions but this is what I read of the body language. Panel 1. Mace is a very open personality, he sits back against the bench with an arm thrown across it. Panels six through eight reveal an oral fixation. Possibly kinesthetic and that makes sense given his vision impairment. Touch, smell, and taste likely mean a lot to him. Silvain in contrast shows reserved, cautious body language. He is hunched over his snack, facing it. He demonstrates insecurity. His eyes in panel four show sadness, resignation, Panel six show suspicion but curiosity. My question is why is Silvain visiting? My thought is that he picks times to let off steam and then retreats to where he came from only this time the ring quest forces him into a position where he must let someone else in. Mace yanks him out vicariously and I suspect Silvain likes it — though he might rather snort ground glass than admit to it.

  • Raikana Sakaro

    …so does Mace have transition lenses or just a matching pair or prescription sunglasses?

  • moddey

    did mace just eat all of (what i’m assuming is) a caramel apple? like did he eat the core and seeds and everything. that’s hardcore.

  • Amanda

    Is there like a petition I can sign to bring back Fatty?

    • Andy Chakraborty


  • Jessbethda

    I hope you’re doing okay, Alice. Whatever has been gnawing away at your time, I hope it isn’t stressing you out too much and that you had a wonderful week. :)

  • sangsue

    I found this comic through y!gallery and I am in love with it!

  • Katherine Sheafe

    Everyone wants ‘dem birds! XD :3

  • Amanda Wolf

    I’m sorry, did he eat the CORE of that apple?

  • Jude

    Dude…I literally recognized this as Brighton Beach before they said so…like your art is that accurate, and that good.

  • MadFox


  • Pilar

    After the little peek into Mace’s past, he didn’t pop the pill he intended to take! Go Mace! I’m glad he kidnapped Sil on an impromptu date featuring feral parrots XD