Day 2, Page 16

November 24, 2013 Characters: ,

please don’t feed hotdogs to birds thank you this has been your psa for the day.

  • … Suddenly I remember “The Birds” ಠ_ಠ

    • Lleyn

      I love your icon.

  • Donald Burch

    I suddenly remember what seagulls typically drop on beach goers, times ten gazillion when Mace doesn’t produce the goods.

  • Aeron

    I like how Mace’s face tranforms from “Go me, I did a good deed!” to “Wait a second…” and I imagine in the last panel he’s all “Oh shit…” Fantastic facial expressions!!

  • omfg the ALT TEXT
    another lovely page!

  • Kuro


    • Ryn

      My thought went right there with you. XD

  • FreckledJesus

    Yesss~ A new page on my birthday yayyy ~ ;u;


    At first I’d think the birds were flocking because they saw the other two, but since it’s Mace I’m more inclined to believe that they’ve seen him around town and instinctively associate him with presence of wiener-shaped objects.

  • Interpolation

    The wiener snaps? Just how old is that thing? O.o

    • Del

      It’s actually another cookie, that’s why it snapped. Although it IS even more stale than Fatty’s cookie.

    • Jessbethda

      I’m at least 83% sure that’s a hot dog. It doesn’t look even related to a cookie to me. And it snapped. So uh. Gross.

  • Someone is going to need to dig into that trash can.. can’t favorite here ;)

  • HeyListen

    Last panel “You in the wrong neighbourhood boy”

  • Katherine Sheafe

    They are ready to fight. Mace prepare yourself with more dogs! XD :3