Day 2, Page 19

December 15, 2013 Characters: , ,
  • Aeron

    Responsible Mace?? Oh me, oh my….

    • Aeron! I hope you’re doing well, dear! ヽ(•⌣•)ノ

  • Jessbethda

    Nena, I’m not even convinced you are a real person. You just embody too much awesome. Same goes for you, Alice!

  • omg that first panel I CAN HEAR IT SO AUDIBLY this comic is on point for comedy moments~

  • fujoshifanatic

    This comic is the perfect slice of funny, weird awesomeness in my week. I never know what to expect when a new page is posted, and I’m never disappointed when I open it up. Kudos to you Nena and Alice; you gals rock!

    • Nena

      Thank you. It’s basically 99% me but I guess we can throw Alice a bone from time to time.

  • Donald Burch

    My brain keeps searching for a plot, for meaning behind the train of events and it occurs to me that must be how Silvain feels. The ring is so important to him that he grasps at any straws for hope but the deeper we go into Mace’s world, is it truly the ring that keeps Silvain following Mace? As for Mace’s concern, there is a fine line between daring and foolishness. I’d like to think what we’re seeing is the product of experience, of following the road Camilla appears to be on and knowing where it leads. Discipline and command does not necessarily lend to an orderly life. It can lead to a greater enjoyment and appreciation of chaos without getting trapped in it and drowning. Lastly, Nena’s alt-text sums up the immediate thought of the moment succinctly. I appreciate the deep thoughts and smiles Alice and Nena bring me through this comic. I’m hooked! Thank you so very much.

  • Besinfection

    Liking Mace in this. With every new section of this chapter we seem to become privy to another side of him, and I’m really starting to see him as a person rather than a character. I didn’t expect to like this comic as much as I do, but those last three panels kinda just did it for me. <3

  • Interpolation

    I’m really liking Mace. He just seems so adaptable. Plus he can talk to birds and is sexy.

  • yaoi fanatic

    ok the hovertext had me bursting into giggles, and I really like responsible Mace


    What he said:

    What he meant:

  • Perverzak

    Silvain seems like he is strongly reconsidering his hair :D

  • Ncha

    You can tell what state I’m from by the fact that I was momentarily confused by the idea of obviously smoking marijuana being any kind of problem.

  • Viridian

    I love Mace’s face in the first panel.

  • Amanda Wolf

    Is she rolling a joint?