Day 2, Page 21

December 29, 2013 Characters: , , ,
  • LauraIpsum

    I was reading page 20 and I refreshed the page and page 21 was there! I feel like i made a miracle happen with my clicker hand. so happy

  • LauraIpsum

    Haikus, as per Nena’s orders!:

    Pompadour and Mace
    should totally bang right now.
    On with the butt sex!

    Today Silvain learned:
    Don’t put your dick in crazy
    or things will get weird

    I love Mace’s ass.
    This comic needs more butt sex
    On with sexy time!

    Mace has a nice ass
    Silvain put his dick in crazy
    Fatty has weird friends

    P.S. to Nena: have a really cool time in spain and please never stop writing alt text!

  • LauraIpsum

    Mace has dick jewelry.
    Silvain rocks that pompadour.
    Those two should shag now

  • Sassafrassery

    And now, a hella long, highly vulgar and inappropriate haiku chain:

    Shotgunning a blunt
    Girl, Mace needs a chaperone
    Sorry, not sorry

    Now some bitch coming
    With some motherfucking beer
    Who the fuck is this

    Natalya, huh?
    Not sure if male or female
    Seriously though

    Why Corona, bro?
    That’s a really shitty beer
    Is this a shemale?

    Who is this bitch though?
    Bitch has some bad taste
    Bad beer, bad earrings

    This is getting long
    Like Silvain’s dick ba dm tss
    Dick jokes are awesome

    • Torse

      This is quality.
      I can’t really haiku, I-

  • Asch

    Silvain is having the best/worst time of his life. For realz. Stories for dayz.

  • Perverzak

    Mace is so pretty,
    He is fun and cute and all

    Silvain is a snob.

    Mace is deep in thought
    Should he bang Silvain or not?
    Sitting on a box

    Silvain is in pain
    Doesnt want to be here, at least
    Kisses Mace again.

    :D I now forever give up writing! Have a nice holiday!!

  • Carrier_Violet

    I was right!! Who would thought, it just came to me. Women’s intuition!!

  • Will Silvain be all giggly in the next page? ;) I’m gonna laugh. That first panel is sexy as hell though.
    Sorry.. don’t have a haiku. Never been good with that kind of poetry.

  • Donald Burch

    Now to find out what Silvain is like when he is high. It is my understanding that coughing only pushes the effects deeper, faster. Btw, nice kiss! I’m not sure Silvain’s eyebrow crawled high enough toward his pompadour to register “WTF… are you doing…?!?” Oh but he clearly let Mace kiss him so he certainly is a willing victim of the moment. Mace’s “I’m sorry, not” face in panel two strikes me as highly entertaining. Alice illustrated Mace’s eyebrows perfectly to convey both dismay and amusement. I suspect from that expression that Silvain’s reaction surprised him. Like “really, you don’t smoke? Can you be so clean and virginal? This is gonna be fun!” Now to find out who Natalya is and what her connection is with Mace.

  • squiggles

    I want those earrings/Who is this Natalya?/Oh, pizza is done

  • Amanda

    Your breath be rank
    brush your teeth
    Cottonball Homo.

  • OMnomnomnom XD

  • Donald Burch

    Sun and sand,
    Seagull shit,
    Smoke shared between lips

  • kory

    i had two but i accidentally refreshed the page

    mace and pompadour
    should get rid of his hair
    just shave the damn thing

    • kory

      a/n i think silvain’s hair flatters him

  • Michelle Smith

    So has anyone noticed that when Mace is wearing contacts, he looks 16, but in his glasses, he looks more age appropriate?? I realized it when re-reading from the beginning. (I was bored lol)


    You know, I usually don’t endorse smoking, HOWEVER, if it were to be done like THAT I might just reconsider it! Dayum, Mace. That is sexy as FUCK.

    Loving it, Alice! THANK YOU so much for sharing your first year of Boned with us! Also, judging from the Prologue page post date: Happy Anniversary! XD. I wish you continued happiness and success for 2014 ♥. And warm thanks also goes out to Nena, who has kept us further entertained by her trademark, one-of-a-kind alt texts! You’re a real gem Nena, and so, this haiku is for you:

    Why are you in Spain
    You had one job Nena, shit
    Get your ass back here

    *snicker* boned family… sounds inbred. Not good.

    • Thank you, and everyone, for being along for the ride! Except Nena she’s a piece of shit.

      (hi nena wb)


        Ahaha, you are made of pure awesome, Alice… and you’re most welcome :)

      • Nena


  • Amanda

    Pasty Homo
    your breath is gross
    keep your tongue away

  • Natalya

    Just wanted to say I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that her name was Natalya, that’s my name!

  • Boo

    When does this usually update?

    • Sunday at midnight EST. I’m currently on a short break though!

  • Lucille Reeves

    HOT. Like seriously, that first panel is so sexy to me, even if Mace is just being a brat, sharing smoke like that is super sexy.