Day 2, Page 22

January 26, 2014 Characters: , , ,
  • So much happening so much good stuff happening

  • artfulGruesome

    Haha!! Oh, man, I don’t know why, but Camilla and Mace’s exchange in the last two pannels cracked me up!

  • Ginger Ninja

    Oh man… The disturbed yet amused look of Silvain’s face in the last panel killed me. Hahaha!

  • Donald Burch

    Color me naive but better to ask and get funny answers than to google and risk a visit from the DEA. What is OXY? I assume it isn’t acne medicine…

    • Oxycontin is a pretty strong opioid. They’re the pills you’ve seen Mace take. ~Alice does not condone illegally taking opiates in any form please and thank you.~

      • Donald Burch

        Thank you, Alice! I learn something new every day.

        • Dark_Otter

          Ah, yes. Oxycotton. Hillbilly heroin. Live in Tennessee for any length of time and you’ll learn all about the “fun” pharmaceuticals.

  • Aeron

    I love Silvain’s faces in the last two panels. At first he’s like, “Really? You wonder why I thought it was drug related?” and in the second is all “Whoa, okay…”

  • fujoshifanatic

    Oh my God these people are so fucked up and funny! Silvain, if you are halfway normal, you better run (only don’t), because Mace and friends are fun as hell to read about (and fuck in your case–when they’re awake), but to spend any real time with…looks like bad news.

    • Hexia

      i agree, with one exception, Silvain is obviously not normal.
      He can pull off a damn pompadour.
      he’s just past halfway.

    • Yuulo

      Silvain is not normal. If you put him next to Mace, well, he could seen half normal, but don´t forget that they´re in all this “adventure” to recover his ring. A very creepy ring.

  • Enn

    OMG Silvain in the second panel.. That’s totally me.

  • Interpolation

    It still sounds drug related to me… I think I don’t understand slang…
    Also, how does Camilla even know about that?


      Something tells me Brent may have traded some highlights of Mace’s adventures as a bargaining chip to keep her from poking into his private life… lol. Or maybe she was at the right place at the wrong time XD

      • Lleyn

        Not Camilla, Natalya. Camilla is BJ’s sister and doesn’t seem to have a clue (panel 5). And Natalya being a “fence” means she’s selling stolen goods to other people, not drugs. I have to confess I have no idea what oxy is, though *g*


          Lol… I’m guessing your post to me was actually meant for Interpolation. However, in the last panel, it seems that Mace is directing his response to the ‘boners’ remark at Camilla (I guess we’ll find out for sure on the next page). And let’s not forget that she is not a stranger to Mace, being Brent’s sister and all, so it’s expected that she is not completely clueless about his lifestyle either.

          • Lleyn

            Actually, it was meant to both of you, in answer to Interpolation’s question about the slang as well as to both your musings how Camilla would know. Somehow, I had the feeling that Mace’s “This doesn’t concern you” was an answer to her question about what’s happening, and obviously, he doesn’t want to go into further explanations *g* But you’re right, of course, I’m sure that the next page will bring clarification – or not, since this is Alice’s comic ;)

  • Tom_Suke

    Oh question, is Silv trying not to laugh in that last panel or is he looking worried?

    • dereule101

      Trying not to laugh, looking worried, looking for the quickest escape route…

  • Perverzak

    Silvain remided me of: Harold! Shrek! Dad! Fiona! DONKEY!!! :D (or in this case SILVAIN!) because he was feeling left out :D


    And just when I thought Mace had no more fucks left to give about anything, there he goes getting all sensitive about Camilla blabbing about his ‘extra-curricular activities’ in front of Silvain. Priceless XD

    “I only snorted off a boner that ONE TIME, Camilla. God…”

  • Marie

    i’m sorry, but…. what is a fence???

  • Amanda Wolf

    Silvain? Just like “so many people!”

  • Phantom Cat

    This is great XD

  • Sorator

    Aaaand this is the page where I officially fell in love with this comic. It is done.