Day 2, Page 23

February 2, 2014 Characters: , , ,
  • Phoenix

    HAHAHAHAHA, omg I love Mace even more now for saying “nay” cause I use that in real life :’D Great job on the page, as per usual ~~

  • Donald Burch

    I can’t decide if the look the boys are giving Natalya in the last panel is pleading or murder. I also can’t decide if Silvain is disappointed that he isn’t getting any(which is a surprise given how straight-laced he has acted to this point) or pissed at the dirty trick. No matter how it goes, I’m eager for the next page! Marvelous work, Alice!

    • Breinrott

      Mace is thinking murder, Silvain’s more like “wow wuddabitch”

  • Carrier_Violet

    Uh oh. Silvain totally drank the LCD!! He is going to fly and Mace is gonna laugh his butt off. Maybe even get his rocks off!! Can’t wait!!

    • Mumu

      Ohmygosh, you were right!


    Good to know Brent is the ideal probation officer, even when it comes to his sister. No wonder Mace is so protective of him… and Camilla! Love his unofficial older brother declaration… even though he abandoned his responsibilities the second LSD got involved. Sneaky, Natalya. Very sneaky.

  • I am enjoying this comic so much!

  • Sassafrassery

    The use of the word “nay”. It got to me.

  • Perverzak

    I bet Mace cant believe he fell for that :D Silvain is on his side for future revenge plans!

  • Mios


  • LeonhartGolden

    they’re looking at her like that because if there eyedropper is empty, that most likely means she’s used it all.

    remember, she’s crazy. that’s a crazy thing to do.