Day 2, Page 25

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  • Aeron

    What are “benzos” and how will they “help” Silvain?

    • Benzodiazepines are drugs mainly used to treat anxiety in the short term but can also be used to sooth and put to sleep someone on a bad LSD trip.

      I am thinking of making a Boned dictionary for innocent babes and poor ESL readers.

      • FoxyLadyAyame

        Yes, please do :3

      • Aeron

        Thank you so much for explanation. A dictionary would be be awesome =]

      • Ceiling Chair

        Or you could do what the guy who does the webcomic Vibe does, definitions in Alt-Text

        • Nena


          • Ceiling Chair

            Oh noes D8


          Well, that simply won’t do.

      • TG

        Here I was thinking I would have to google it… I now realize that I regularly carry some in my pocket… for completely legal reasons.


        I’m always learning something new here. Thx ;)

      • meepmeep

        I have a serious question: have you ever used drugs?
        It’s none of my business of course but I’m just curious
        because you (two) seem to know a lot of this stuff.

        • I’m not a drug user. Write what you don’t know.

    • Donald Burch

      I was a good intersex and looked it up on Urban Dictionary.

  • Carrier_Violet

    It’s so cute how Mace just automatically calls Sil precious!! Silvain is in good hands, I know it.

    • Donald Burch

      I hear this line in a tone of back-handed, sarcastic affection I get from my siblings. “They’re Benzos, ‘Precious.’ Take one.” Kind of like, “Shaddup, quit giving me grief, and take it. I’m taking care of you, asshole. Don’t make me regret it.”

  • ahhhhh this is so precious I want to see Mace look after babby Silvain!!

    • once again that alt text taking me to places I ain’t ever seen before baby don’t stop movin’ (there is no relevance here I am sorry)

      • Nena

        you have no relevant how this is. you’re the next Nostradamus of gay buttsex comics

  • Good thing Mace didn’t drink any. Getting Sil home while he’s on a trip or all sleepy it gonna be ‘interesting’ enough. Natalya isn’t popular right now. Hope Camilla rip her a new one.
    Mace should also deal with Natalya later. Old grudges might have gotten him back behind bars for a while if he had been caught on a huge LSD trip. At least it could have gotten him in serious trouble with BJ or others if he was raving around.

    Not familiar with drug use, but I still think there’s a difference about being willing to take them and being given then without knowing – even if Mace was okay about taking drugs just before.

    Wonder how ‘Precious’ will act soon xD

  • Perverzak

    maaaan… Silvain is gonna be tripping pretty hard, huh? Pretty bad thing to through with a guy you barely know, in a place youve never been before


      Tripping balls with Mace as your chaperone? Sounds like fun. xD


    And the alt text just keeps getting better and better.

    • Nena

      at least SOMEONE appreciates my ART *stirs fancy french coffee with an entire baguette*


    I love the way Silvain hesitates to take the Benzos but Mace shoves it in his mouth anyway for his own good. So precious~ awwww.

    Meanwhile, Natalya is like “Oh, stop being such a whiny bitch. It’s not even nearly enough to do any real harm to you. I think.” Doesn’t even look the least bit sorry.

  • JM

    I had no idea what to expect from this comic and it’s making me laugh a lot. Am I supposed to be laughing at it? It’s pretty freaking funny and I’m not even bothered that I don’t know what’s going on.

    • Those are both intended reactions, yes.

  • ox

    wow she’s nuts…

  • Sid

    I really hope this comic gets less lighthearted about fucked up drugs soon… Benzos, oxys, etc… those aren’t fun party drugs, they kill people. I like the comic, partially because it reminds me of a fucked up druggie I loved, but the casual presentation is disturbing.

  • Amanda Wolf

    I love that line. “Oh more drugs, that will fix everything.”

  • Tarah Stylinson

    I just feel so bad for Silv rn…

  • Pilar

    Aww, poor Sil. I would’ve been hesitant to drink anything open around Natalya