Day 2, Page 26

February 23, 2014 Characters: , , ,
  • Elzo

    why did she called them snowflakes?

    • golle

      probably mace’s albinism

      • Elzo

        It doesn’t sound on russian. But I get the idea)

    • Kuraen

      The hair is pretty white… XP

  • I am loving this rolldercoaster

  • Lucy Kemnitzer

    Hah. I googled it and so now I know what Sylvain is talking about.

  • Titfortat

    Robert Stroud, known as the “Birdman of Alcatraz”, was a federal American prisoner, cited as one of the most notorious criminals in American history. During his time at Leavenworth Penitentiary he reared and sold birds

    • Mandy Marie Roswell


    • Sarius Impariul

      You forgot top mention all the medicines for birds he invented~ He may have been a criminal, but the world of birds owe him HUGE.

  • Carrier_Violet

    “young lady”, what is the age difference between them…funny

    • Aeron

      Camilla is 21 and Mace is 26 so 5 years. Ages are on character pages.

      • Carrier_Violet

        Thanks a lot. I read it when I first started but just slipped my mind I guess.


    Silvain is like a precious baby that needs to be protected.

  • Hihi.. Camilla’s awkward goodbye in panel 1 is so obvious. Actually all of panel 1 is just hilarious in each of their comments and reactions. Four different emotions/reactions in one.
    (thanks to previous comment below, so I know what Natalya said)

    Wonder if Mace is gonna tell BJ about this once he’s gotten Sil home. I doubt it, but guess it depends on how the night goes. Yay me for actually getting Sil’s reference to Robert Stroud. Don’t even remember where I know this from *lol*

    I’ve had the ‘pleasure’ of being the ‘nanny’ of someone on a bad weed trip during a party once. It was equally weird, part scary and somewhat hilarious.. but it ensured me in the fact that it’s a good idea that I’ve never tried drugs.
    I get what Mace might be in for in a page or two xD

    • It’s called being a trip sitter. The More You Know♒★

      • Really? Well then I ended up an unfortunate/involuntary trip sitter ;) It was such a night.

  • Kate G

    Could someone translate the Russian for me, please? One time I wish I took a Russian class….

    • Aeron

      She’s saying “See you later, Snowflakes”.

      • Kate G

        Thank you y’all!

    • What Aeron said, but more like “Goodbye, snowflake”… directed at Mace in particular. I’m guessing that Natalya’s isn’t looking forward to meeting him again anytime soon. Just a hunch IMO.