Day 2, Page 27

March 2, 2014 Characters: ,
  • Chibi

    aww poor Silvain….

    • Sabrina Vögeli

      I feel a bit bad for him too. On the other hand, he is pretty cute like this xD

      • IraCat

        I. Agree.

  • Chris Fetz

    I love Silvain. He’s completely my favorite.

  • Carrier_Violet

    Mace is totally thinking of kissing him after the shock of two million. You know you want it!! Totally take his mind off his worries Mace!!

  • ahhhhhhhh

    • Everything Sensei

      OMG I see that everywhere. Haha…might as well

  • Kate G

    That ugly ring is worth $2 million? Holy shit.

    Mace, you need to kiss Silvain so he stops spewing more important info in such a public place!!!!

  • Two million, hot dayum. I wouldn’t have a snappy comeback for that either…

  • Larkle

    Well, this is a new direction. Silvain why are you carrying around and wearing casually a ring that expensive anyway?

  • Next up:
    Mace: ….. I’ll go ask all the birds for info. Why don’t you go home and sleep and I’ll go find that ring. OF COURSE I’ll tell you if I find it <..>

    • Kate G

      If I don’t pawn that $2 million ring first and get high as a kite.

  • Perverzak

    Now Mace wants it too :D

  • Mandy Marie Roswell

    No, I think it thoroughly IS the point. I’d like to know if Silvain killed the kid.

  • tell to the whole world why don’t ya

  • Phantom Cat

    If anything helps, he said “What am I doing?”

  • Mohrovia

    Two million Canadian dollars? Two mil rupees? Campbell soup labels?

  • Pilar

    Dang… that ring must have ruby eyes and be made with black gold (if that exists)…