Day 2, Page 28

March 9, 2014 Characters: ,
  • Jessbethda

    I now require a drawing of Silv with mule ears.


      But he’s not just a mule, he’s a gem mule, so he should also be embedded with various jewels.

    • Haven’t doodled in AGES, but couldn’t resist this. Also, mule ears are hard.

      • nb. Sorry bout the squiggly lines. All I had was my BF’s “fancy print” notepad.

        • Is “fancy print” code for “hairy balls”?

          • Haha! It wasn’t before but it is now. I’m definitely gonna use that one on him… teach him to have some regular paper for a change.

      • Jessbethda

        Ahahaha! Oh my gosh, I didn’t think anyone would draw this, but it’s so brilliant. Congratulations on being an amazing person.

        • Lol, thanks Jessbethda :) Your comment got the better of my curiosity, and suddenly I found myself wanting to see it too :D

      • Amanda Wolf

        Is that someone’s chest?

  • mizuqueen

    bitch!…everyone’s a criminal, everyone’s terrible, and then there’s bj…love them all

  • Hexia

    wait does that mean Malek is a terrible person too?!?! he’s a bit sarcastic but he’s not evil right?!

    • Donald Burch

      Malek is a concierge. Evil is in the job description.

  • *LOL*.. Mace’s reaction. One thing is finding out that Sil is now also doing things against the law, but finding out that he hasn’t given him compliments, now THAT is horrible.

    How dare he! That’s the true crime ;)

  • Donald Burch

    ::reads page. Blinks. Reads Again:: BWAH-HAHAHA!!! Alice, have you seen a movie called “Ruthless People”? I’m beginning to see Silvain as Judge Reinhold’s character, Ken Kessler. “Excuse me, I um, I need advice from a real thief…” This story gets better and better.

    • Dark_Otter

      “I mean, what the hell’s the point of being a decent person when no-one is? Let’s be assholes and get rich!”

    • I haven’t seen anything any reader has ever mentioned. I live under a rock.

      • Nena

        she does, i can confirm this

  • Donald Burch

    It hit me after the fact that Stealy has REALLY expensive taste in bling.

    • “Stealy, want a cracker?”
      “Bitch, please. I WANT DIAMONDS.”

      • Person

        I just got here. You have no idea.

  • Aeron

    Mace’s face and reaction is utterly priceless. Sunday never comes soon enough for such amazing updates

  • Guy Haines

    the cutest…but one thing, Rubys dont need to be smuggled hehe :P <aussie jeweler

    • Not declaring expensive, stolen diamonds is the definition of smuggling.

      • Guy Haines

        LOL omg i dislexicly read red diamonds as rubys….sorry my bad XD. and yeah diamonds very diffrent subject :P

    • samichuu

      Rubies and red diamonds are not the same thing.

      • samichuu

        The fuck happened there? Aussie, not a jeweller, but someone who knows the difference between gemstones.


    Here I was feeling bad for Sil, but turns out he is indeed a terrible person too.
    ((I’ll never stop loving you.))

  • *Gasp* Oh no you didn’t!
    Silvain has got some nerve, lol. You lost a two-million dollar item you were smuggling (which I assume will make someone out there very angry) all because you couldn’t tame your dick and now the fallback of events has placed you on the front row seat of an acid trip bus. And the only person assisting you with all this drama is Mace. Bitch, he better be the cutest thing in your entire universe right about now XD

  • fujoshifanatic

    Damn, I guess Silvain and Mace are well suited to each other after all! And that last panel, priceless! You tell him Mace, with your narcoleptic self, who can’t even stay awake long enough to get properly fucked by a hot guy. :-P

  • miracle2415

    “Bitch, I am the cutest.” I love him. I love him so much.

  • Perverzak

    theres a lot Mace can forgive, but not that! :D love this page :D

  • meep meep

    I love Silvain so much real life guys are no good anymore ;_;

  • Bracelet

    DYING at “Bitch I am the cutest”

  • Mare.



  • Jessica

    ‘gasp’ bitch i am the cutest xD

  • Omg! That line!

  • ‘I am the cutest’ hahahaha this guy is just consistently amazing

  • Amanda Wolf

    That last line

  • Anilni

    “Bitch, I’m the cutest.” Lol omfg

  • Tarah Stylinson

    ik everyone is commenting about this but “BITCH I’M THE CUTEST” IS THE BEST LINE I’M DYING! and Silv putting his head on Mace’s shoulder gave me a lot of sudden feels I wasn’t ready for so yeah. thanks for that.

  • Beatrice.

    Bitch he’s the cutest! How dare you think otherwise! AHAHA best line ever!

  • Guest

    *le gasp* bïtch I’m the cutest

  • Yukito Hiragasawa


  • Subaru

    Ive now found the form of eternal bliss in the form of a web Comic <3

  • Phantom Cat

    Gotta protect his cute pride.

  • k7phantomhive

    “Bitch, I am the cutest.”