Day 2, Page 29

March 16, 2014 Characters: ,

I have to take a sudden hiatus to deal with a family situation. I’ll be around in comments and try to tide you over with AACs. Hope to be back in April, keep an eye out through Tumblr or RSS. I’m really sorry to pause right here. Thanks for understanding.

  • teania

    “Are you done with your pity party?”,
    “Let’s make out.”


      “Are you done with your pity party?”,
      “Not really”,
      “Let’s make out anyway.”

  • Guy Haines

    Kiss’s stop pitty partys so well

  • An empty train right after Sil told Mace they didn’t fuck.. what else to do after Mace got the talking stalled? Cute guy right there who DIDN’T tell him he was cute. Can’t have that ;)


  • Carrier_Violet

    Cute couple in the making!! Especially after their 48 hour anniversary. Mace is still going to help him and they need to have a serious talk about what happens after they find the ring. Don’t leave Mace Sil!!!

  • Sabrina Vögeli

    Awww I just love them (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

  • yinsy

    Is the condo in Westmount Square??? (Yes I am the person who is obsessed with that. No other. Unless there have been others.)

  • Aeron

    Hope everything is alright with your family, Alice.
    take your time and I/we will be here waiting for your return =]

  • artfulGruesome

    Ok, that was unexpected, but amazing~! YAY~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Torse

    hope everything turns out okay, boo.

    in the mean time I’ll be disgracin mace via horrible art.

  • God, this is quickly becoming one of my favorite comics, hoohoo. Am I going to have to draw fan art? Proooobably.

    And I hope everything is okay for you, dearie! Chin up and all that, yeah?

  • hucklesuckle

    ahhhhhh yeeeaah, less pity party more luv’n! :)

  • Perverzak

    me likey where this is going :D

    Thanks for this page before the hiatus ^^ hope everything is ok!

  • firejoy

    I just found this comic and I gotta say great story and amazing drawings! I can not wait for more :)

  • yaoi fanatic

    Hope alls ok Alice, take all the time you need

  • Gotta agree so hard with Nena. Pity parties blows.
    Mace parties too, but in a good way :D

    Sidenote though, I saw this pic and immediately imagined him to be what Mace would look like as a real life guy. Cute, huh? But yeah, Mace is still the ‘cutest’…

    • Nena

      I’m about to blow your mind: This alt-text was actually written.. BY ALICE!! GASP!!!!!! I don’t remember why but we didn’t get int ouch for a while so she couldn’t get me to write alt-text in time. But I totally agree with the alt-text too

  • Amanda

    “Are you done with your pity party”
    Mace thought bubble, “Cause if you keep whining like a Bitch, you’re going to be on the bottom. Bitch.”

  • Kate G

    “Diamonds can be red?” BA HA HA HA HA, silly Mace.

    Sex in a train? Why, yes, I believe we shall.

  • Mariana Hayden