Day 2, Page 30

April 13, 2014 Characters: ,
  • LauraIpsum


  • fan

    Your characters get more and more lovable with every update.

  • Guy Haines

    *gasps* His hair HIS HAIR IS MESSED UP!

  • vangelisgenesis

    It’s been an agonizing wait! Unf.

  • Hally

    His dirty face while he’s scrubbing his hands clean! OMG!!!

  • YES

  • Aeron

    …Does Mace have a thing for only destroying one half of Silvain’s hair in the middle of getting it on? Cuz in day 1 he destroyed right side of his pompadour and now he’s gone and destroyed the left side.

    Glad to see you back, Alice. Hope everything is sorted out =)

    • It’s his small way of balancing Silvain’s universe… lol

    • Camelia

      Hahahahaha. I don´t think is Mace having a thing for destroying hairstyles, I think it´s more about pompadour style, being very delicate. You need time, tools, and work to make a pompadour, so of course it delicate.

  • Remember, Mace: a clean dick is a happy dick.

    • Camelia

      LOL. Of course. You`re sooo right!

  • Yup, and dirty is how he likes it xD Mace really can’t leave it to ‘we didn’t have sex’. That is unheard of, so it’s about making up for it at first chance.. and with Sil about to be all silly (pun meant) *lol*

  • ArtieDear

    AHHH WELCOME BACK <3 I've been so sad without your comic in my life~

  • Eddie

    “In an hour you won’t even be able to find your own dick.”


    I think I know what this is implying. Clarification?

    • Aeron

      Because of the drugs Silvain accidentally took back when they were with Camilla and her girlfriend

  • Magdalena Mota

    I have an awful feeling that perhaps the drugs will kick in and another unsuccessful night for them XD

    I don’t know why but I get the feeling of that they won’t get their chance until somewhat later into the story, I dunno that’s just me and overthinking~

  • Sly

    I LOVE the expressions in the second panel!

  • niko

    This comic should be turned in to a game

    • What kind of game?

      • niko

        maybe like a visual novel

        • Nah that wouldn’t work… Maybe an arcade style game. Bad Dudes crossed with Earthbound interspersed with smutty cutscenes.

  • Breinrott

    Lol that alt text

    • Nena never disappoints :D

      • Breinrott


      • Nena


    • Nena

      thank you, i also consider this one to be one of my masterpieces

  • Thud

    Oh, my god I’m so happy you’re back. I hope everything worked out ok for you.

    • As good as things can be under the circumstances. Thanks! ♥

  • Camelia

    WELCOME BACK! And thanks for the update. Is Mace not going to take out his glasses while doing it?

    • Aeron

      I wouldn’t if I were him. I’ve got shit vision but not as bad as Mace and when I’m doing anything with anyone I’m kinda fond of actually SEEING, you know?

      Besides, glasses are +200 sexiness

  • Anonymoose

    YEEESSS~!!!! I thought he was germaphobic because of the gloves but then I thought about how dirty Maces’ house was so this confirmation of my previous thoughts made me happy! ;-3 and im about to get happier~