Day 2, Page 32

April 27, 2014 Characters: ,
  • Larkle

    I think the guy with that hat feels he could have done without that. Unlike us.

    • tom_suke

      Lol wait did he step on the train look at them and step out?

  • Fan

    Oh Mace, it’s better to lick it from the source. Tousled haired Silvain is too cute, but of course Mace is still the cutest.

  • Carrier_Violet

    Silvain is hanging on tight. It’s okay just enjoy!! Yay!

  • Guy Haines

    Maby Silvain wanted to try……mace is so greedy……god im perverted *head hang*

  • hucklesuckle

    Do a Cameron Diaz, fix his hair with it…. (sorry! had to be said)

  • LucidDelirium

    The way Mace is looking at Silvain in the second last panel. <3

    • LucidDelirium

      I meant third last. (The last two panels may have distracted me)

  • Sabrina Vögeli

    Pure Love *melts*
    Have some sparkles for Mace ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆

  • No, Mace. I know you really wanted some LSD too, but this is not the best way to get it. *hahaha* And the look on Sil’s face when Mace licks it! Priceless. Even though you’re chocked full of drugs right now, the only thing Mace is addicted to is YOU.

  • LZ

    I. Can’t. Help. Falling in Love. With. Youuuuuuuu.

    Seriously, I fucking love these two more and more with every single update uwwuuuu.


  • random

    can we just accept the smexi-ness of this page ❤?

    • Nena

      youre under arrest for using the word smexy i am apolice officer dont question me

      • random

        do the cuff’s come with fur xD?

        • Nena

          i need an adult

  • random

    I want someone to look at me like Sil looks at Mace in the 5th panel, it”s just too damn romantic❤

  • Luci2k

    Best alt text ever

    • Nena

      thanks i worked on it for a long time (like three seconds), alice is pretty lucky to have me

  • … and this is how Mace got Sil to forget about public exposure xD

    The last two panels made me laugh. Along with the alt text! Mace is such a teasing bad boy.

    Btw.. also had to scroll down so I couldn’t see that ad at the top of the page. Oh god, one of the faces >.<

  • Sly

    Can someone tell me what the alt text says? I can’t read it on my tablet.

    • tom_suke

      and that’s how I met your mother

      • Sly


  • that fucking alt text bless

  • Amanda Wolf

    That guy’s like “ohp, nevermind. I’ll walk”