Day 2, Page 33

May 4, 2014 Characters: ,

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  • Larkle

    It took me a moment to realize what the liquid on the ground in panel three is. They made a mess. O.o

  • Starrwinter

    Look at his cowlick…. *pinches*

  • Guy Haines

    Watch your step!

    Also mace’s ponder/sly face XD <3

  • fan

    I can’t believe how cute these two are.

  • fujoshifanatic

    This is probably more common on the NY subway than most people think. One of the reasons I would think twice before going in there with sandals, let alone barefoot, which I have seen. Yuck. Otherwise, the last page and this page are hot and cute. The interaction between these two is entertaining to watch.

  • Where’s one of these signs when you need them…

  • tom_suke

    I noticed his brow furrows when the guy walks past-that’s awesome touch of detail because he’s a clean freak and he’s like ‘eww you stepped in it’

  • That small messed up part of Sil’s hair is strangely adorable.

    And that is a very good question indeed. Mace can ponder about it while they wait for more people to step on their little ..mess xD

  • Lucy Kemnitzer

    And with this question Silvain reveals that Mace is starting to mean something to him.

  • EyeDontNo

    The old Superman/Lois Lane line…. goodness!

  • Eddie

    At first, the “who’s got you?” line made me feel a smidgen of “poormace.” But the more I read it–because I’ve actually reread this page like infinite times now–the more I saw it in a more, “so I’m basically screwed,” kinda way.

    Basically, I love them.

  • Amanda

    Translation, “You be fucked, literally and figuratively”