Day 2, Page 34/35

May 11, 2014 Characters:
  • Whoot first post~! Lol is he tripping now?

  • Donald Burch

    Reality CHECK PLEASE!

  • ally

    Wowowowowow, the colors on this are beautiful!! Looking good there, Mace. And on another note, you doing okay, Silvain?

  • that ART

    • Nena

      tahnks i do what i can

  • James

    I think- we’re going into a new chapter.


      • random


  • something

    I just want to say how much I LOVE those dinos. The entire page (spread? this it technically 2 pages if we are talking about prints right?) is amazing but man, I want a print of the dinos hanging on my wall.

  • How I processed this page:

    1. Gaze at Alice’s amazing artwork…
    2. Recalls Nena’s hilarious alt-text…
    3. Press play HERE
    4. Drifts away to Silvain’s dimension in pure bliss…

    • Aria Phoenix

      Hahaha, I have never been high myself, but looking at the amazeballs page and listening to the song just about came close enough I’d say XD

    • Yagi

      Thank you. I love you. Now I know the song. Haha.

      • Awww, shucks *blushes*. Haven’t remembered this song in a while, glad to help you know it too ;)

    • CatchingFear


  • Arthur Dent

    Great song choice! Everyone needs more Erasure in their lives.

  • Bracelet

    Are the dinos a cell phone case? Because they kind of make me want a technicolor dreamscape dinosaur cell phone case.

  • WingsOfLibra

    That song. Oh no you did not. . . . hahahaha robot unicorn attack. My roommate is now obsessed with that game. I hear it all the time

  • CatchingFear


  • Victoria Katherine Giroir

    maan i wanna do lsd O.O

  • Ashen

    Holy. Fscking. Christ. So that is just ALL of the drugs.

  • Phantom Cat

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there he blows.