Day 2, Page 36/37

May 18, 2014 Characters:
  • Junie

    Oh my goodness. That is so beautiful!!! :o

    • Donald Burch

      It is but somehow I suspect that for Silvain it is a nightmare.

  • this art is so fucking beautiful ;_;

  • I thought that the two were together. Hmm.

    The whole thing is very well drawn, don’t get me wrong there. I was just thought that the two made one big one and that you were showing it whole here.

  • Fyora

    Are they fucking metaphors as in they are metaphors for fucking?

  • yaoi fanatic

    OMG I love this page. It is so freaking pretty.

  • Anne

    The colors are so beautiful and Mace looks so content with life.

  • mizuqueen


  • FutureCol0rs

    Omg, It’s so beautiful!! *HEADDESK¨* You’re a really artist, I love your comic and drawings. Good luck with your art and I hope the next update!

    Greetings from Chile! <3

  • Alex

    holy mother of birds

  • TheSLYOne

    Beautiful! Truly, you are a talented artist. This is my first time commenting and I just want you to know that I love this. .>;

  • Anon

    If this was a print, I would absolutely buy it! It’s gorgeous!!

  • Suki

    No African Grey Parrot? Sad :( But really gorgeous art!

  • DilutedFolly

    I love galahs!

  • CatchingFear

    Suuuuuch a beautiful page!

  • This is so pretty

  • Love that Erasure caption <3 And stunningly beautiful art—even though I have no clue as to what's going on in this comic….

  • Mohrovia

    If metaphors were petits fours…

  • Pickle chip

    that is a butt ton of butt sex raining down on mace