Day 2, Page 40

June 8, 2014 Characters: ,
  • Guest

    Sil on a good one

  • Guy Haines

    any one wanna just give Sil a big hug right now

  • N2810


  • Mandy Marie Roswell

    Omg, Sil is so freaking adorable when he’s high! And Mace gets to just sit back, watch and enjoy <3

  • yaoi fanatic

    Sil with messy hair is just freaking adorable

  • Ely

    Sil with such messy hair is just like a wonderful puppy.

  • mdo

    haha ok i’m really curious, alice, have you ever dropped or are you drawing on other sources of inspiration

    • Nah I don’t even smoke weed, I just grew up around hippies.

      • Guest

        Good on you mate.

  • The great philosopher :D

    This reminds me of something I read recently: Give a bunch of potheads a load of good weed but nothing to smoke it with, and suddently they all become engineers.

    … or something very close to that xD

    • Aoi Hagane

      some friend of a friend made a thing with a soda can, juice glass and straws. yeap, water filter and everething

  • Silvain could make an awesome remix with Afroman right about now

    ♪ Trapped in a cosmic ourboros
    I’m so fucking high…

    I’m seeing things in technicolor
    I’m so fucking high…

    I’m getting deeper than Carl Jung
    There is no why

    [Mace: No why man?]

    Hey, hey… I’m so fucking high…
    I’m so fucking high…
    I’m so fucking hiiiiiiiiiiiigh… ♫

  • RaggedyHead

    “There is no why.”
    Ladies and gentlemen,
    Sil has officially flown off his rocket. :P

  • CatchingFear

    Oh, Sil is just being me like, every time, right now.
    I feel you, bro.

  • Kate G

    BA HA HA HA HA HA! Sil, you are off your rocker. And now Mace is your unofficial baby-sitter. Things are about to get good.

  • Annabelle Winshard

    Is this going to be updated anytime soon?

    • I’m on break while I move and prepare book two for print.

  • Luna Rawrs

    …I am pretty sure I have been like this.

  • Lindsey Amethyst Hampton

    There’s always that moment, whether you’re drinking or smoking weed, where you just realize that you are fucked up and have to say something about it to someone who’s less fucked-up than you.