Day 2, Page 41

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  • Awww….I think Mace is growing fond of SIlvain. ^_^

  • Larkle

    Silvan’s eyes in the second panel are so intense. So intense that Mace has to take off his glasses. Can’t look at that beautiful intensity directly.

    • His eyes were gorgeous before, but like that… wow!
      Also, isn’t his back already turned to Mace by the second panel though?

      • RedCamelia

        Yes he was turning his back to Mace by then. But in the third panel is not like Silvain is turning but more like he´s stretching his arm to reach Mace´s (while he is still turning his back to Mace)

        • Thx! I sorta thought he had already turned to the side since the previous page… was wondering if I misunderstood it XD

          • RedCamelia

            No. You are right hahahaha. I just had a writing mistake (sorry, my written english is kinda rusty) Silvain did turn his back to Mace in the last page. What I meant is that in the second and third panels he is already turned (which means the continuity of the story is correct). In the third panel IS NOT like Silvain is turning around in that moment,but as I had said, he stretching his arm to grab Mace´s.

          • It’s cool, no worries at all :)
            Facing Mace or not I just love his utter vulnerability here, wanting Mace’s warmth and closeness for comfort. They really do fit together perfectly ♥. It would be so sad if he doesn’t remember any of this when the high is over. I hope he does though.

          • Aku

            He should if it’s accurate to the drug effects. LSD is one of the ones where you remember your trip.

          • Ah, I see. Never done it so have absolutely no idea first-hand, but a friend of mine had said he remembered most but not all of it and was still kind of rattled for a couple of days after. He seemed to have enjoyed it a lot tho.

  • Junie

    This page is so cute :3


  • Carrier_Violet

    I think Silvain is getting more fond of Mace. I don’t feel Silvain would have initiated contact between them before. They look so cuddly together… like bones! Love it!

  • Minty

    This is completely great and I love it! but I often have a hard time telling who is talking.
    I really hope that the bird talk isn’t in Macy’s head! I mean, he wouldn’t know where fatty was if it was…
    LOVING this story!

  • vamprince

    adorable bones, indeed!

  • Mariana

    Silvain’s little smile in the last panel. I may barf at all the cuteness.

  • Liz

    So. I read this page. And then I reread what I read. Then I re-reread what I read. And I’ve come back to reread more times than I can count.

    That is to say, my chest may explode from an overload of cute.

    Emotion. I have the feels. It’s the cutest thing in the world because it doesn’t seem like they “fit” at first glance. But nah, they are perfect and beautiful and weird and everything that’s good in this world–drugs and all.

    (Also, character development. Mace calling Silvain the cutest? Silvain initiating body contact? Who the fuck woulda ever guessed?)

  • Mace has the most romantic way of saying things ;)

  • RedCamelia

    This story is getting better and better with each page you release! So: THANK YOU! You make my day every Sunday. LOve this frase: “We fit like bones!·”: Awwww!

  • hannah


  • silly cactus

    And for a moment I thought the title comes from a boner.

  • Amanda

    Fatty needs to come back.

  • C Ewart

    When will the new page be up? ;D; I can’t waitttttt </3

  • The_Time_Hunter


  • CatchingFear

    The way this is going, mmnnyes. I like it.

  • Yasha

    aren’t there anymore pages?

  • FwooshFiend

    Way to leave a junky hanging!!!
    I need more!!!

  • AliceMadHatter


  • Eren and Levi YAOI


  • That last panel is so sweet. :)

  • Livia

    Aww… When the next page coming. It’s been soooo long

    • I’m buying a house and moving next week. Book two is edited and almost complete but when I can return is up in the air right now.

  • Tarah Stylinson

    OKAY SO YEAH. They were hot af together from the beginning and I’ve always thought “yeah. They’re good together. I ship it” BUT THAT LAST PANEL HAS SENT THEM STRAIGHT TO OTP STAGE. I SHIP THEM SO HARD “I take it back. You’re the cutest” I’M CURRENTLY DYING NOW OMFG

  • Yukito Hiragasawa

    Oh God, I will NEVER forget the “Bitch I’m the cutest”

  • Pilar

    lol a high Silvain is very cute & snuggly! <3