Day 3, Page 3

January 11, 2015 Characters: ,
  • captkarnivore

    Oh thank god, the update finally happened. I was about to cry.

  • tom_suke

    Same I’m like, yay an update<333

  • Guy Haines

    this isntantly made my day

  • magicmau5

    HOLY HIGH PARROTS BATMAN AAAAAAAAAAAAAH I’m so happy….my brain is exploding….lost ability to typesa;kjdsf;hljk

  • Yay!!!!

  • OMG! Alice, you’re back! I am dancing crazy circles in happiness! I hope your life is happy and back in order. I’ve missed you and the boys terribly!

  • Asch

    *is a surprised bitch*

    • Nena


  • Skylar Desu

    Yaay! New page ^-^

  • Kayleigh

    So glad this is back!!! Hope things are going better! You’ve been missed!!

  • Lucy Kemnitzer

    I’m worried about Silvain’s state of mind now. Will Mace be spending the next day trying to revive Silvain’s determination?

  • Really enjoying this messed up story. Is that bad?

  • Guest

    OMG, thanks you. I miss you.

  • mizuqueen

    in some circles, it is believed that dinosaurs became modern-day birds so perhaps they can reverse evolve. silvain’s dream realized?

  • Hilary

    How exciting! Hope you’re doing well.

  • So THAT’s why he took him to the museum?? Haha, Mace, you are just too much. B&E aside, he really did a great job looking after you, Silvain. A ‘thank you’ won’t hurt you know…

    Also, welcome back! Belated best wishes for the new year!