Day 3, Page 4

January 18, 2015 Characters: ,

I never said I was back but everyone acted like I was so I had to make another page to say I’m not actually back but I will try okay yes thanks bye.

  • Matthew Patrick

    Omg mace’s cringe face. So cute. And with Silvain looking like a stud in his beater this page is DANGEROUSLY SEXY.

  • Kate G

    Is it me or is it getting warm in here? *grabs a fan*

    And Silvain looks dangerously sexy shaving with a disposable razor.

  • Carrier_Violet

    Even if you aren’t back thanks for updating!! Missed their faces!! So cute that Mace is so serious with apologizing. Normally he would have been the one to blow it all off right..? He WAS the one-night stand type. But they are really cute together. squeee!!

  • I love all Mace’s expressions here, and his apologizing… he knows it’s been a whirlwind of events for poor for Silvain since he first met him XD. But have you already forgotten, Mace? He said you both fit together like bones… that was so sweet! And here he is again, telling you that he doesn’t regret knowing you at all. Ok, now it’s a tie – you both win for being the cutest

  • Ceiling Chair


  • mizuqueen

    fastest shave on the planet, yo

  • BlckLdyNW

    UGH I’m so happy about this. Thank you, Alice.

  • Ashley

    [heavy breathing]

  • Skylar Desu

    Aw, Mace’s cringe face~ Can’t wait to see the sex scene unfold lol.

  • HalfHeadlessHorseman

    It’s so cute Imma….Imma…../vomits rainbows/

  • Theystolemyname

    I think Mace totally looks like Eminem.
    Not that I mind.

  • GregGarious

    Silvain is just smoldering all over the place in this page

  • Shaving? Now?