Day 3, Page 5

January 25, 2015 Characters: ,
  • Fetztastic

    Why are the wet hair waves so beautiful to me. <3 That last panel. YES.

  • Lovely. ^_^

  • David

    I love it :D

  • “this is kinda gay”
    (thankyou I love this comic)

  • Aeron

    I love the contrast in their legs in panel 4, don’t even know why.

    • tomsuke

      I think it’s because Mace actually shaves his legs xD

      • Aeron

        I don’t think Mace shaves; he just has really fine, pale hair because of his albinism and against his pale legs you can’t see it. The contrast I like so much is Mace’s paleness next to Silvain’s darker complexion.

  • nit

    freaking loveing it

  • Happy Pancakes

    The first panel’s really hot to me – I’m a sucker for lips doing things.

  • Ooh~. His hair just got more gorgeous in the shower. <3

  • magicmau5

    “This is how we yaoi”…yes. This is how yaoi was meant to be. :DDDD

  • Kate G

    Hubba hubba, yum yum.

  • A SHOWER SCENE! .. *feels faint* Oh. My. Gawd a wet Syl is sexy with that hair <3

    Uhm, I kinda sorta have a huge kink for sexy wet men, especially with water runing down their abs xD This page is so hot, but should we get a panel of abs (where Mace is looking) dripping with water that is flowing down towards the possible treasure trail on next page .. you might be able to hear my squeeeeee as a sound echoing across the world ^_^

    (wether we get it or not, my imagination of this will be a sweet, sweet thing)

  • kahltira

    ffff very nice. damn I have such a thing for albino boys. Am enjoying this so far. :3

  • Kaykay

    I love this page. it is so fluffy yet sexy.

  • Great comic! This is one of my favorite pages, especially because of the last panel.

  • Munchin

    Where’s the update..? ;3;

    • A methhead broke into my house on Thursday while I was in it. Not a good week.

      • Kate G

        O.O KILL THE METHHEAD!!!!! *runs in waving sword* *looks around*

      • BlckLdyNW

        Shit, dude. Flying-ants, shitty prints, dying family members, and now a fucking meth head breaking in? Who even cares about these gays any more? Your life has enough drama to create a whole new comic that I’d totally read.
        I’m sending good juju in your direction.

        p.s. I really, really super care about these gays. xo

  • AEmerz

    Hope everything is alright Alice! I’m sorry about the break-in and this page is gorgeous!

  • FAInsanity

    I. Would live to see Syl be the Uke… If even only once. I wanna see it.

  • johnnyweirismymuse

    Just found this….love it!!!!

  • Yukito Hiragasawa

    Mace’s hairless legs xD