Day 3, Page 6

February 15, 2015 Characters: ,
  • Koe

    Demon infested butt hole? I’ve read that one! :D

    Love the colouring and their expressions here.

  • Anonnyms


  • Sara

    Silvain’s hair is ridiculous. I love it.

  • Lillipop

    Ah… I read that your house got broken into… I’m very sorry that happened to you. ;w; Hopefully you’re alright now…

    • I installed deadbolts and repaired the broken window and will be buying a Mossberg 500 so I’d say it’s all right. ( ⌒‿⌒)

      • Lillipop

        That’s fantastic! I’m happy~

  • I don’t know what is feeling most hot. That shower of me *fans self* Temperatures sure rose all around. I LOVE shower scenes, so if you tease us now (and stop this before time) I might cry a silent tear xD

    Steamy.. both literally and figurative. Mmmmm….

  • GregGarious

    I completely forgot that this comic was smutty on occasion (which I love), and accidentally opened this in front of my mom (which I don’t love) -_-

    • GregGarious

      To clarify, I love my mom, and I love this comic. I do not love opening this NSFW page in front of my mom.

      • Haha I even marked this page as mature so it wouldn’t show up on the front page or in someone’s cache. Maybe your mom is also a reader and now you can bond over manbutts.

        (I really hope you are over 18.)

        • GregGarious

          Hahaha entirely my fault. I can see now that you even marked it NSFW, but I decided to ignore that apparently, lol
          Also, not to worry, I’m a few years past 18 and was just visiting family haha.

  • I missed the notice or note about you getting broken into. Glad to hear things weren’t so bad and getting better.

    <– Butt shot is … very well executed. :D

  • In the wild, mates plug up each others holes to prevent an infestation of demons and other known maladies. Here, we can see the albino, Mace, performing this service to Silvain, his chosen mate. Let’s watch.

  • Lovely, simply lovely. Panel 2 with the set of Silvain’s hips and the position of Mace’s hands is something I want to frame on my wall. Panel 3, Silvain’s reaction strikes me as full of emotion as well as passion. I wonder what inspired Alice to get into writing and illustrating m/m material like this? Her work is as enticing as it is inspiring.

  • disqus_X2H3S7zQ3d

    i really like the fourth panel… so pretty