Day 3, Page 7

February 22, 2015 Characters: ,
  • I’m trying to imagine what position they fell out of. Oh, there it is.

  • Cl0esh

    The alt text killed me XD
    What does BJ want ? O.Ô

  • JesBelle

    Just for a second there, I thought Mace’s butt was complaining about being out of energy.

    • Mnwjo


    • Hahaha.. me too.

    • Contemplating whether I should change the bubble or not haha.

  • Sex is over, but getting a good sight of Mace’s delicious buttocks is a good way to change scene ;)

  • Hmmmm, I should try having a condom water baloon fight too

  • uxiamosquera

    We missed all the fun ;P

  • Usayasha

    When did he put on his glasses? They weren’t on his face in the first panel.

    • I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re talking about. *whistles innocently*

    • Belle

      Actually he is :) You can see the arm on the side of his face over his ear.

  • Livia

    wonder who’s top and who’s bottom….. hmmmm….or there is no fix position on who’s topping who. :)

    • Aliks

      hint:after a long night of sex, the chances of a bottom putting anything against his ass is extremely low AKA im assuming Mace is bottom

    • They’re versatile. I’m one more top-or-bottom comment away from a conniption. It exists but not for the majority of men who have anal sex.

      • Livia

        Alright! I knew it! But I would prefer mace being permanently bottom. :)

        • Why?

          • Livia

            Cos mace is cute n silvain is more like a top n serious type.

          • The position someone prefers in bed has absolutely nothing to do with their personality or looks. To say that “cute” is a bottom trait and “serious” is a top trait I can only assume you mean one is feminine and one is masculine. This is offensive and heteronormative because it implies that one of them must be the woman. Our culture is saturated with this so it’s no surprise – even the symbols for female and male reflect the penetrated and the penetrator – but it’s complete and utter bullshit that needs to stop being perpetuated.

            There are masculine bottoms, feminine tops, bossy bottoms, short tops, relationships with two bottoms, relationships with two tops, versatile men, versatile men who prefer one or the other, men who don’t do anal at all, and on and on… There’s a gigantic spectrum. In the ’70s there was something called the hanky code that helped communicate preferences through an elaborate color-coded handkerchief system because guess what? You can’t tell what anyone prefers just by looking at them.

            Top/bottom traits are a cliche invented by straight women who frankly don’t know what the fuck they’re writing about.

          • Livia

            I know it’s stereotyping them…but just a little wish about mace being bottom. But i had a feeling they’re versatile.

          • Luci2k

            Thank you! I get so annoyed reading comments on BL comics where people are always asking – Which one is dominant? Thinking that topping and dominance are synonymous and buying into that whole yaoi seme uke nonsense.

          • chibikyo


  • Lillipop

    Wah..! So, I’ve been re-reading this over and over again… the comic, not just the page itself, haha. xD Uhm… Well pretty much, I’m in love with Mace, and I wanna see the story progress! Now… I’m not nagging about updates, but, I read before that your home was broken into and that was why you hadn’t updated… So really I’m just wondering if you’re alright. Are you okay?

    • I’m fine, just feeling negative about this comic for various reasons. Trying to build a buffer now so I don’t update twice then disappear repeatedly. Thanks for asking.

      • Lillipop

        Oh, okay. Well, glad you’re doing well… I give you all my support in your decisions~

      • Lucy Kemnitzer

        I’m sorry you’re having trouble. I’ve had trouble with keeping up to date with continuing stories myself.

  • for-others

    Oh god the alt text