Day 3, Page 9

March 29, 2015 Characters: ,
  • I’m sorry, Nena; I’m too distracted staring at hot guys doing cute, sexy, and funny things. Whatchu say again?

    Seriously, as an artist I know how much Alice busts her ass to provide these beautiful locations. She has my undying gratitude.

    Oh, who you calling peasant? I’m at the very least a serf, thankyouverymuch! Wait a sec….

  • thisisadso

    Ahhhhh is that the Village Halloween parade? I had a whole lot of fun almost getting trampled last time I attended.

    • I was going to say that. It looks like the Village Halloween parade place.

      I didn’t get trampled. I was late and stood off to the side a lot.

      I don’t even remember if I actually saw the parade in the end. :)


  • Perverzak

    awwww this gave me many feels! i feel like im watching a romcom :D

  • Mace is just too cute in the last panel. I did take an extra look at panel 1 for Nena and then I returned to her great work on the last panel ;)

    • I agree. In addition to how adorbs the characters are the background is just gorgeous. Thanks.

  • Liz

    At what point can we officially call them a couple?

    I mean, that last panel y’all. Actually beyond cute.

  • mizuqueen

    mine peasant eyes are honored

  • Love you Nena! :D

  • AngeloFanAkaLiss

    thank you nena the art is lovely <3<3

    • AngeloFanAkaLiss

      wait fuck
      i thanked the wrong person IM SO SORRY
      thank you alice the art is lovely <3<3