Day 3, Page 11

April 12, 2015 Characters: , ,
  • asthenia

    Oh my god he made a dick napkin… 8===D

  • Liz

    “Apparently I’m offensive,” says Mace as he firmly grasps his dick napkin.

    • Aria Phoenix

      Dead XD

  • LOL.. panel 3 is just brillant. I can ‘hear’ the dialog in my head with that one. Mace so innocent and Sil sounding almost scornful with his sarcasm xD

    And that napkin dick beats it all.

    • It is the way he holds that napkin and delivers that line with that look… the perfect storm. LOL.

  • smrqdt

    Discovered this awesome comic yesterday and read it a second time today because I wasn’t able to read the title-texts on the tablet. Thanks for this awesome comic! (and the tooltips are just hilarious. :D)

    (and I actually found how-tos for napkin dicks… :D )

    • KryX

      Your link is too funny. Very clever comments also.

  • umBRAlla

    this scene is over-all absolutely hilarious, and i find it very impressing how Mace makes the dick napkin cuz if i tried itd probs not look like a nice dick


    “coop answered the door covered in stage blood” whos ‘Coop’?

    • Aeron

      BJ’s little brother. If you go back to the dinner part of his date and he’s texting about stage blood, that’s when we were “introduced” to him.


        ohhhh hes the “i love boobs!!!” guy

  • I just love all these precious babies. Mace you have transcended from ‘another crazy’ to ‘my crazy’. You are a delight

  • Achievement unlocked: “World’s Greatest Origamist”. Or maybe Orgasmist. Perfectly interchangeable.

    See, Nena… this is why Jenny there needs to be all fancy. He knows his reality is napkin dicks. Let him dream of tophats XD

  • Amanda Wolf

    Dat napkin

  • Anonnyms

    How does one fold a napkin in such a way?? I must know so I can do so myself.

  • i love the dick napkin so much